Thought for the day…..

WOW, Welcome to Thursday MORNING …. it is the 25th day of April 2013.

It is overcast here in Edmonton but quite mild outside.


Are you a music lover?

Do you get a song in your head and then it just won’t go away?

Do you have an absolute favourite song or perhaps top ten?

Do you think you know the lyrics only to find out that you were singing them improperly for thirty years?

Do you like only one genre of music or them all?

Do you listen to music in every spare moment of every day?

Do you listen to music to relax?

Do you listen to music to elevate your mood?

Do you listen to music to start or end your day?

Do you listen to the radio?

Do you sing?

Does a certain song remind you of a person, time or place?

Does music soothe the savage beast?  (Ok, this really doesn’t belong on this list but I love that line, LOL.)

Do you buy music in a store or on-line?

Do you compare your life to the lyrics of a song?


Music, plays such an integral part of our lives.

Whether your favourite is easy listening, new age, holiday, opera, country, folk, classic, hip hop, rock and roll, or blues ….. music is the tool in our lives that we use to join us together, keep us apart, soothe us and elevate us.  It is not only the words but the melody that can impact us in so many ways.  Think about your favourite song and what it means to you.  Remember your first kiss and what was playing on the radio.  Remember when you got married or perhaps prom.  Remember when you had your first break-up?  Remember when you lost a loved one and the songs that they played at the service.  Through every stage of our lives music plays a role.


I love music.  All genres.


Have a great day.

Gotta go.


Always, Carol and Alvin


Special Hello to: all those musicians all over the world.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Amanda
    Apr 25, 2013 @ 20:05:49

    Great post mom. I don’t think I could pick my top ten even, there are so many! My number one right now is Beck’s cover of David Bowie’s Sound and Vision, you have to watch the video with headphones because of all the amazing sounds, it has 150 musicians together and there’s everything from yodelling to a gospel choir but they all blend together in such an amazing way!


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