Thought for the day….

Good Wednesday Morning and Welcome to the 8th day of May 2013.

Wow, where does the time go?

It seems like it was just Sunday and my wonderful nephew was here to have a visit before going to work.


Do you think about time?

Does it seem like the day starts and ends before you truly get anything accomplished?

Does it seems like one morning you were 16 and the very next day when you got out of bed you were 55?

Does it seem like one morning it was Friday and then it was Friday again the following week?


I would like to bottle time.

Wouldn’t that be great and then you could just have a sip when you wanted to extend your day or some event.

I guess that would be too crazy.


But as we all get older ( I know lots of you are young, and don’t think about this quite yet ), but time does seem to zing by.


Don’t sit on the sofa thinking about what could have been.

Don’t wallow in the “I didn’t get everything done today.” stuff.

Cause it is not worth it.

Just have fun …. enjoy every moment you can …. take the ball and sink a basket ….

Well here it is time to go to work.

I hope that you all have a wonderful day ….. make sure that after supper you go for a walk.

Enjoying nature always makes me feel wonderful and the exercise doesn’t hurt either.


Special Hello to:  my friends all over the world.


ALL ways ….  Carol and Alvin


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