Thought for the day….

Good Wednesday Morning and Welcome to the 15th day of May 2013.

Here we are at the half-way point.

Are you having a great May?

Still lots to go.



Yesterday at the office I work at we had a whole day geared toward “Staff Education.”

Our CEO speaks followed by a day of guest speakers.

One of my favourite ones is “David Irvine.”

He is a Canadian and lives in Alberta.

Great speakers.

If you get a chance, google him …… read his books.

Last time I saw him I bought a couple of his books.

One being “Simple Living in a Complex World” …. so good.

Anyway …. that’s it for today …… always good to learn something new.

I had a great day yesterday.

Followed by a walk with my Alvin last night.

So a perfect day.

I hope that you have a great Wednesday.

Take Care.

Special Hello:  READERS and LEARNERS ….. isn’t that all of us?


Always, Carol and Alvin

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