Thought for the day…

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday, the 12th day of July 2013.

As of late I have been reading about work and life philosophies.

Well actually, I have been doing this for several years now.

It seems to me that …..

The underlying theme for each one is much the same.


It basically boils down to this:

Stay positive and live the best you can in each moment.

Whatever you wish or dream for …. keep focused on  that …. not the journey …. just the final result.

Do whatever you can to realize the wish or dream …. take action.

So stay positive, dream lots and keep in your mind’s eye that goal or end result.

Doesn’t matter what you want …. nothing is too big or too small for this to work.

There is no time line.

Some things come to fruition sooner than later.

But keep the faith.

That’s your job …..

At the end of it all ….. FAITH is the key.

I don’t mean faith necessarily in a religious way but faith in yourself and in the Universe.

Trust perhaps is a better word here.

Trust your own intuition and “gut” feelings.

Well for now my means to an end if going to work.

One day I will realize my dreams.

I will be a published writer and be on the 4th hour of the  Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda.

Have a great day.

Special Hello to: all those dreams ….. keep on dreaming.

Always, Carol and Alvin

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