Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Tuesday the 23rd day of July, 2013.

It is a beautiful sunny morning here in Edmonton.

Alvin decided to stay outside in the backyard for a whole minutes after he had his breakfast.

So it cut into our walk time …. so instead when he did come in we had quiet time on the sofa.

Last night after supper we had a grand walk by one of our neighbourhood lakes.

Well actually there are three right beside each other.

While out we saw one of our neighbour’s “D” and his dog Cash.

So we chatted and let the doggies get more social with one another.

More to be in each other’s space without touching.

Good lesson to learn.

Respect.  (We could all learn from these dogs).

Cash is a one year old much larger dog than Alvin.

He is full of energy and is learning to socialize with other dogs.

Alvin barked once at him and then laid down and then did his thing.

He seemed to know and I think he is getting used to Cash.

“D” is such a good “Dad” to Cash and is teaching him well.

In time they will be best buds for sure but for now they are learning.

While on our way home we bumped into another person we had met a few weeks ago.

So many great people in our neighbourhood.

Kind and friendly and smiling.

I am most blessed.

Do you live in a great neighbourhood?

So on this bright Tuesday my thoughts lean towards home and living in such a beautiful area and knowing that I am most lucky and grateful.

Have a great day and I hope that you are as fortunate as I am….

Take care.

Special Hello:  Congratulations and Hello to William and Kate, the royals who welcomed their first baby, a son yesterday in London.


Always, Carol and Alvin


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