Thought for the day……

Good Morning and Welcome to Tuesday the 3rd day of September, 2013.

It is a absolutely gorgeous morning here in Edmonton as the children in public schools head back.

Heard the school buses drive by our house and the neighbourhood school ring it’s bell.

I saw a neighbour last night when me and Alvin were out for our nightly stroll and they both had taken today off as their five year old starts kindergarten today.

How exciting.

Oh and I have my office window open and there is the most delightful cool breeze blowing in and it is so refreshing.  Okay back to the point….. LOL.

Anyway I remember my daughter’s first day of kindergarten that was many moons ago in 1985.

We shopped to find the perfect outfit for her first day to school.

She was so excited for school.

We practised counting, colouring, abc’s and all of the things that she would learn in school.

She actually knew all of those things and could read by the time she started kindergarten … some of the perks of having only one child.

You have the time and energy to do all of those important things.

I did also work full-time but I had always loved school so we put the time in to make sure she knew those things.

Also most important was “manners” and I made certain that from the time she could utter her first words that she could say “please” and “thank you” and knew what they meant.

So on this first day back at school I hope that all the children out there have an amazing first day and that school is amazing for you all.

I did love going to school…… the best time of my life.

Well today I am continuing my vacation.

Worked at the store Friday night, Sunday and yesterday but now have some time off at home.

Number One item on the list is to go through my office and get it back in order.

Also have to go through emails and get them cleaned out as I for some reason like to hang on to them.

Can you be a “hoarder” on-line ….. emails?

We could call it “O-hoarder” ……  LOL.

Special Hello to: all those Parents sending your children off to school ….. take a deep breathe you will be okay!

Always, Carol and Alvin

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