Thought for the day…

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday the 15th day of November, 2013.

How are you this fine morning?

YAY, are you happy it is the weekend?

Perhaps you work as I do for part of the weekend.

I still look forward to the weekends.

I look forward to having coffee and working on our jewellery with my daughter and also having coffee with my friends.

I look forward to working at the store because it makes me happy.

Once in awhile there is a cranky customer and it throws me off balance but for the most part I love my job.

We have the best staff.

It is beginning to be a busy time of year for most people with the holidays right around the corner.

So remember to take time for yourself.

If you get rundown and or sick then you miss out on so much.

Remember to relax and enjoy.

Enjoy those moments that just happen.

Have a great day.

Special Hello to: all those folks who work tirelessly in retail ….. I wish that employers would give all of their employees a bonus for the holidays ….. something to show how much they are appreciated.  After all without them they would not have a successful business.

Always, Carol and Alvin


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