Thought for the day…

Good Morning and Welcome to Wednesday the 20th day of November, 2013.

Well for most of the people living in Canada – winter is now a reality.

The snow is mounting up and shovelling has become a daily event.

Alvin sure loves the snow.

Any chance he gets he is out there sniffing about.

Not sure what he is after but it sure is cute.

He will be out there until he is virtually lifting multiple paws in the air as they are cold.

But he doesn’t give in easily.

So lesson to be learned.

Always enjoy what you love to do.

So on this magical Wednesday.

I say that because I can feel great things in the air.

Wishing cap on.

Wish away.

Have a great Wednesday.

My boy needs to go outside……

Special Hello to: YOU

Always, Carol and an impatient Mr. Alvin


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