Thought for the day….

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday the 16th day of January, 2014.

WOW, what weather we are having.

It was plus 9 celsius here in Edmonton yesterday morning and to be plus 4-5 today.


Very early yesterday morning I heard a lot of banging and after we were up (4:45); I opened the front door to check on my Christmas wreath and tree …. tree down …. wreath up.

So I quickly brought them inside.

I am certain lots of things will have blown into the next county ……

I think it would have been easier walking home last night from the bus on a pair of skates than in my winter boots.

A normal 5 minute walk took me 20.

I took careful little steps.

I figure better to take longer and stay upright than falling on my head or back.

I like to be careful whenever possible.

Between the wind and the ice ….. WOW.

The power was off yesterday morning when we got downtown so I asked my carpool to drop me off.

I figured easier for me to walk as they had to wait through the heavy traffic using the four way stop method.

I did hear a few cars honking ….. people just don’t remember how it works.  Simple as that.

On my walk the wind blew and the sidewalks were icy and it was dark (no lights).

So amazingly enough I made it safe and sound to the office only to find out of course, our power was out so they were sending us home until noon.

Lucky for me some coworkers were on their way to MacDonald’s for coffee to wait and see.

Just as we got there and had started to order our coffee …. another coworker came along to say the LIGHTS were on.

So we all went back to the office …. only to find out that our computer system was down….

So it was a crazy day.

Thank goodness that wind has died down.

Although it has helped dry things out.

I know what I will be doing this weekend … besides taking down my Christmas tree and decorations……. picking at the ice …..

NOTE:  Alvin decided to climb up the snowbank on the deck ….. that bank goes into the space between the garage and the fence and to the neighbours… I will have to watch him with an eagle eye….. LOL.

Special Hello: to my fellow Western Canadians …. stay safe and upright.

Always, Carol and Alvin

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