Thought for the day….

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday the 31st and last day of January, 2014.

So incredible …. February tomorrow.

Windy morning here in Edmonton with some light snow falling covering the ground …. covering the ice.

So everyone in this area be careful when walking and driving.

To all my fellow bloggers and readers to the south of us, in the U.S. I hope that you are safe and warm.

Crazy weather.

I am grateful that me and Alvin are safe and warm in our house.

Well today I am marking as the beginning of new and great things to come.

Today is the archway …. the opening ….. the gateway ….

I can feel it in my bones …. does that sound strange?

Sometimes you just know.

I know that wonderful things are about to happen for me.

I also know and am grateful to lead a pretty wonderful and blessed life as it stands at this very minute.

But hey more wonderful – nothing wrong with that ….

So on this last day of January 2014 – I hope it marks something crazy wonderful for you, as well.

May your dreams become reality and your reality feel like a dream.

Take care all ….

Special Hello to: everyone living in stormy weather …. keep safe and warm …. curl up and read a book or play with your dog …. 🙂

Always, Carol and Alvin

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