Thought for the day……

Good Morning and Welcome to Tuesday the 11th day of March, 2014.

First off, another gorgeous morning here in Edmonton with promises of more spring-like temperatures.

Second off, I just have to say ….. this …..


Four years ago my life took a somewhat different turn than I had ever dreamed.

Four years ago you came into my life.

At first we drove each other “nuts” to say the least.

It was new for both of us.

But over a short time we grew to be inseparable.

You have grown from that insecure young dog into this loving, kind and wonderful more mature dog.

We have enjoyed our time.

Our walks together ….. visits with family and friends ….. being in the garden ….. so much more.

Wherever I go …. you follow.

In our house you are my shadow.

When I have a shower you lay on the mat outside the tub standing guard.

You keep me safe.

You have the best personality.

Everyone loves you.

You are always happy to see me and me, you.

I miss you when you sleep at your sister’s house.

Your second home.

I am so grateful that we found each other.

I always wanted a “son” and you fill that bill completely.

Doesn’t matter that you have four legs instead of two.

You are my “son” ….. my boy.

I am thankful to have you here with me.

I hope to always do the right things for you.

Cheers my darling to many, many, many happy, healthy years together.

I love you, “me” Alvin….

Love Your Momma


For my Alvin who always inspires me that I can do anything …… we have come so far together …..

Special Hello to: everyone who shares their lives with a four legged family member …..

Always, Carol and Alvin

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