Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Sunday the 27th day of April, 2014.

WOW, April 27th, 2014.

Isn’t that cool?

What are you doing on this special day?

I am going to work at the store.

I love working there.

Only wished that I could take Alvin with me …..

He would have fun with all of the girls.

He loves the girls more than the guys.

Not sure why.

But he definitely is a ladies’ man.

The sky is overcast here in Edmonton and overnight we had a skiff of snow that was still on the snow when we first got up this morning.

Now it has disappeared into the ground …..

Funny to have rain yesterday and into the night.

It is likely the last snowfall for now.

That would be good.

Rain …. it is time for a few showers.

Oh, Mr. Alvin …… he wants to look out of the office window but alas the ottoman is by the bed.

Our bedroom windows are low enough that he can look out of the window but not in the office.

He does love to look out of the window.

I guess that is a “dog thing.”

But nevertheless he does enjoy partaking in the view of the neighbourhood.

He keeps an eye on things everyday.

We could learn a thing from Mr. Alvin and others ….

Take the time to sit down, relax and look out of the window.

See what is going on in your neighbourhood.

You might be surprised.

So, on this lovely Sunday ….I hope that you are enjoying yourself.

If you are working enjoy.

If you are at home relaxing enjoy.

Special Hello to: my sister …. talk to you soon.

Always, Carol and Alvin

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