Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday the 1st day of May, 2014.

Let the bells ring and the birds sing it is the first day of May.

So what are your thoughts this fine morning.

Well earlier I always go through everything that I am grateful for …….

Then for some odd reason and this is the strangest thing …. my thoughts were going to “George Clooney” ….

Yes, that George ….. not sure why.

I mean I think he is a great actor and certainly handsome.

But why would I keep thinking of him.

I was thinking wow he finally met the girl of his dreams.

Where did he met her?

She lives in London and doesn’t sound like they travel in the same circles.

But why does it matter?

My mind kept turning …

I didn’t know his BFF was Cindy Crawford and husband Randy (forget his last name).

Why would I know that anyway?   Laughing slightly aloud.

I then thought “Where is my George Clooney” or “Looking for my George Clooney” …. kind of has a ring to it.

This could be the mantra of all us single ladies …. that is if we are inclined to be looking for someone.

It could also work for the guys as well ….. perhaps not “George Clooney” ….

Anyway it is always funny the things that pop into one’s head.

Time to go to work and take my mind off George Clooney.

Ah, sad for most that he is off the marriage market …. oh, that sounds …. yikes.

Have a great Thursday and May 1st ….

Special Hello to: all those single gals looking for their George Clooney ……

Always, Carol and Alvin

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