Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to a bright sunny Friday, the 6th day of June, 2014.


We are happy, happy, happy for the sunshine this morning.

We have received lots of much appreciated rain that has moisturized the grass, trees, plants and the earth.

Now it is time for sunshine.


On this fantastic Friday I am getting ready for my friend “G” and kiddies to come for coffee visit.

One of the kiddies is her son and the other is a little girl that she looks after from her day home.

We are also celebrating her birthday which was last Saturday.

I wanted to have a cake and party for her as she is a great friend.

So cake is baked ….. just have to ice it and tidy up a bit.

Perhaps I can find a balloon or two….. I know there are some around here somewhere.

“Oh, Alvinnnnn …. where did you hide the balloons?  (He does not like balloons).


I am so happy to have this day off and to enjoy it being at home.

There is work tonight at the store and I am excited to see the girls again.


So on this bright and beautiful Friday I hope that you are living your best life and enjoying dreaming about the possibilities and bringing them one step closer to reality.

I always think of living a rich and abundant life filled with great health, surrounded by love and laughter, family and friends, living in my own house, having me Alvin here and my grand-puppies …. sounds like I am living my dream.

These are the most important ……

How about you?


Well I had better go and ice that cake before Mr. Alvin gets in there to help ….. he loves icing cakes ….. you should see him in his apron!!!

Have a great day ….


Special Hello to: all those dreamers …. imagine and dream and it shall be your reality.

Always, Carol and Alvin

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