Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Wednesday the 2nd day of July, 2014.

Another gorgeous morning here in Edmonton.

I had a great long weekend and trust you did as well.

Alvin and I are settling into our new bedroom.

The store was slow with a few bursts of customers.

So I would like to think that people were out enjoying the beautiful day and all of the Canada Day celebrations.

I love watching Alvin as he looks out of our bedroom window.

He can now stand on the bed and look out.

So sometimes he rest his “chin” on the window ledge.

Sometimes he jumps up on his hind legs and rests his front paws on the window ledge.

He definitely likes to see what is going on in the neighbourhood.

He is my neighbourhood “watch dog.”

Nothing gets by him.

Looks like neighbours are back home from the long weekend.

I see trailers back in their spots.

So on this beautiful Wednesday morning, I am so grateful for Alvin, all of my family and friends.

Grateful for the sunshine.

I wish you all a happy day.

Take care.

Special Hello to: Hi sister ….. guess we are playing tag…… I worked yesterday …… talk to you soon…

Always, Carol and Alvin

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