Thought for the day……

Good Morning and Welcome to Tuesday the 5th day of August, 2014.

What a gorgeous morning out there …. slight cool breeze with definite hopes of being hot.

Fed Aussie (one of my neighbours cat’s); emptied the dishwasher, had breakfast, dressed, wrote in my gratitude journal, made my bed of course and put on the coffee.

Seems like I did more but after I write this and grab my coffee …. time to hit the garage and get things organized.

I want to have my house, yard and garage all cleaned up before Thursday.

Clean the bathroom fans, dust baseboards and blinds ….. all the fun stuff.

All, while enjoying several cups of COFFEE.

I most especially love the smell of brewing coffee.


Things are going great …. so grateful to be on vacation.

Alvin is settling down and actually listening to me.

Which is nice.

Likely because I do not raise my voice to him ……

Love me Alvin ….. such a good little guy.

Well what is on your agenda for this fine Tuesday.

Oh, I just felt a tinge of coolness coming in from the window ….. ah, so nice.

Alvin is standing watch or rather sitting and watching out the window.

My daughter took today off from work so she is having a shower.

She wants to sit back and enjoy watching some of her recorded television shows and read.

It’s her last day off and she has worked so hard …… she should enjoy it.

Me, I will enjoy reorganizing the garage ….. haven’t really done much out there since the garage sale.

Or garage give aways…… it was so great to give 97% of everything away.

People were shocked and surprised.

That’s okay ….. all good.

Well time to get my butt in gear and grab my coffee and the baby gate so that Mr. Alvin can watch …. I really don’t want him underfoot.

Happy Tuesday….

Special Hello to:   so many Family Birthdays ……. Happy Birthday Everyone…….

P.S. only FOUR sleeps until I am “57” …… how crazy is that …… I feel something GREAT COMING MY WAY ……..

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