Spring is in the air …… April 12, 2010

Well like most animal life on this planet we are very happy down to our “genes” when spring arrives.  Even Master Alvin seems to have some extra spring in his gait.  Oh yeah, that is only him jumping on me because I am eating an apple. LOL.  He can jump so high.  I should enter him in a high jumping contest.  We are having a set down moment (he is lying beside my feet) as I try to impart something interesting, perhaps cause a small eruption of laughter (not gas), or even a pearl or two of wisdom.  I am so happy that the sky is clear and the ground is brown.  I noticed about a week or more ago that there were bugs in the backyard.  Now, I do not remember seeing ants, spiders and even a butterfly this early in the year.  But they are out.  It opens my heart to see Master Alvin running and jumping in the backyard chasing bugs.  So cute.  Really.  Last weekend in the last throes of our “hurricane” our neighbourhood handyman and one his helpers came by to “dog proof” my backyard.  What I mean is close off under the deck and put a gate between the garage and the fence.  So after all my efforts (I had good intentions) he has decided that he really doesn’t want to be outside without me.  Maybe later.  I just want to go back to the hurricane we had last weekend for a minute.  I was sitting on the sofa having a nice cup of coffee  when I saw this huge box land on the sidewalk in front of my house. It reminded me of the movie “Twister” when the cow blew across the road.  Good neighbour that I am, I decided to go and put it in the garage awaiting next garbage pickup.  So when I got to the box (sidewalk was icy) I picked it up and all of the packing materials came flying out.  Just then a huge gust of wind blew Styrofoam, plastic and cardboard down the street.  Really down the street.  Then behind it ran this crazy woman in a blue winter jacket and black & white polka dotted rubber boots.  What a sight!!!  Alvin, bless his heart sat on his haunches at the living room window watching me.  I bet he was laughing.  The box was from a gas barbecue – just to give you an idea of how big it was.  I am getting organized and hope that you will have some patience with me as I try and get some order to this BLOG.  Guess I had better get back to laundry…… “Alvin, why aren’t you downstairs taking the clothes out of the washer, for Mom?”  OMG, he just sat up and looked at me.  I didn’t say it out loud.  Okay, that is scary. …… till later ……..


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