Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday the 22nd day of October, 2015.

Another beautiful morning.

Alvin has me wondering about something.

Just noticed this morning that he is “enthralled” by the plant that remains on the deck.

It is one of those grass type plants that you use to fill in with flowers.

Only thing is it grew so well – took over the flowers.

Anyway I noticed him sniffing about there before bed.

So I quickly moved him away and now this morning.

Guess will have to move it into the garage.

I want to see if it will winter.

Something about the planet.

He is not eating it but has licked it, I think.

Cannot see as it was dark in that corner of the deck.

Oh well ….. one of those things.

The kids will be stopping by today as Miss Penny has a Vet appointment today.

So they will keep an eye on the boy.

Well here it is almost time to leave for work.

How did that happen?

Well very quickly …. Al up at 4:00 …. had his breakfast and went out ….. we hit the sofa until 5:20 and then again until 5:40 …..

Oh well it is Thursday.

I hope that you have an amazing day.

Special Hello to: all those people who read my blog, I am very grateful.

Always, Carol and Alvin

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