Thought for the day ….

Good Morning and Welcome to Wednesday the 8th day of June, 2016.

Today is my last day at the office for the week.

YAY, two days of vacation and I am grateful to have an extra long weekend.

Last  night the skies clouded over and the temperature cooled after a sunny hot day.

There was a bit of rain and the skies are partially cloudy at this time ( 6:15 a.m.).


Last night Alvin and I went for a walk about 8:00 p.m.

It actually had cooled and was not hot.

The Mama, me, made sure to take some water for the boy, Alvin.

I cannot imagine how hot dogs and cats and other animals get in the heat of the summer wearing their fur coats.

Alvin will be sporting a hair cut as of tomorrow or Friday.

His favourite thing to do, not.


Anyway back to the walk.

When we were nearing our friend’s house with the English garden …. Alvin started pulling toward the yard.

Sure enough who was working in her garden.

So we stopped by for a visit.

Alvin loves to roll around in her grass (she has a huge backyard).

He also loves to sniff around as there is so much to sniff.

My friend “P” was happy to see us and said that she had just finished making me up a pot of flowers.

The one flower that I recognized was pansies.

A pretty yellow.

How sweet.

She also dug more flowers out of her garden for me to take home.

Now with the pot and two bags of plants and Alvin and his water bottle.

I could not manage but she had thought of that and escorted us home.

Helping with carrying the pots, bags and we took turns with Alvin and the pot.

After she left I transplanted the flowers in my front flower bed.

So glorious.

Only three of the plants came from other than my friend.

Two were perennials that I had picked up from the mother-daughter annual flower shopping trip last year and the other was from my other friend who happens to have a beautiful garden as well.

I am the luckiest woman, I have the most kind and generous friends, for sure.


Well here it is once again time to grab that sandwich out of the fridge, put on some shoes and grab my purse and out the door.

Must take umbrella just in case.


I will post some photos of my flower bed as I have flowers blooming and it looks so beautiful with all my gifts.

Have an awesome Wednesday.


Special Hello to: my friend “W” who I have missed …… thank you for reading my blog.  Hope all is well with you and your family.

Always, Carol and Alvin

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