Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday the 10th day of June, 2016.

It is a gorgeous bright and sunny morning here in Edmonton.

Elton arrived about 45 minutes ago to spend day two with his Grandma and Alvin.

We enjoyed a REALLY quiet relaxing day at our house.


Today is the day to get some work done.

Laundry and Alvin’s hair cut are the two big jobs of the day.

Always love the hair cut days ( just a little ).


I have been reading and re-reading about the power of INTENTION.

So I am going to make a habit of practicing being intentional.

My intentions for this day is to feel great and to know that great things are about to happen to us.

I have a great life and it is going to get even better.

Sunnier days ahead.


Well time to get that laundry going.

Time to grab a cup of coffee that is ready and waiting.

Time to cuddle with my boys, Elton and Alvin for a bit.


It feels like an amazing day already.

I hope you have a really great day.

Fill it with intentions.

Intend for your day to be great and it will.


Special Hello to: to all my friends who take the time to ready my blog ….. thank you.

Always, Carol and Alvin

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