Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Wednesday the 22nd day of June, 2016.

Last night it was pouring rain as I walked home from the bus stop.

I was pretty well soaked through and through by the time that I walked into the house.

It was coming down so hard and my poor little Alvin did not want to go out.

I could totally understand as there was loud booms of thunder and flashes of lightning.

I finally decided to just pick him up and grab the big big umbrella the one that would fit four people and make a run for it.

I carefully carried him across the deck and down the steps onto the grass.

Setting him down carefully and I tried calmly to coax him to go pee but not to avail.

So back into the house.

He ate his supper and I tried several times but nothing.

He just did not want to go outside and I could not blame him even though I knew his poor little bladder must be in overflow.

Finally the rain let up for a few minutes and we went and he was able to do his business.

It surely did pour last night.

Now for something completely different – just sharing from same date four years ago.

Always good to take a peek back so that you can see ahead.

Gotta go …..


Good Morning and Welcome to the second day of summer Sunday, the 22nd day of June, 2014.

It is bright and sunny out this morning and the air has a slight coolness from the breeze, making it practically perfect.

This morning I was reminded as I gathered the jewellery that I always wear …. you know the rings and watch and then touched off with bracelets and a necklace, perhaps earrings.

One piece that I have worn every single day since it was given to me back in the summer of 1976 – a jade ring.

The ring is smooth and green ….. an ever ending circle of friendship.

It was a gift from my then best friend, Carolyn.

My forever friend, Carolyn, I might add.

We met in Grade Twelve.

She got married right after high school.

She had gone on a trip to the United States and had brought it back for me.

It is strange that I have no other piece of jewellery that I have consistently wore for that length of time.

This summer is is thirty-eight years since she gave it to me.

We were inseparable for a long-time and always kept in touch.

But somehow like many relationships go they slowly slip away.

I miss her.

We have and had such an amazing friendship that no matter how much time had elapsed we would just pick up from that point, like we had just spoke that day.

To my knowledge she still lives back in Regina and hopefully someday we will meet up again.

I am grateful for the jade ring a fond reminder of love and friendship.

Special Hello to: my friend Carolyn wherever you are ………

Always, Carol and Alvin

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