Living … One day at a time.

Hello, good morning.

It would seem as though the look of wordpress has changed and I am stumbling about.

I hope that I am able to figure this out.

Some of us, most of us are creatures of habit.

We are content with the same old, same old.

We get into a place of ease, comfort and a sort of security.

Then one morning things change and we stumble about.

Perhaps cursing or gritting our teeth.

Thinking why couldn’t things just stay the way they were?

Do things always have to change?

What was wrong with the way things were?

Sound familiar.

That is what I was doing during the last couple of minutes.

Then we just settle down and figure it out.

Sometimes technology gets easier and sometimes it does not.

So we shall see what happens here.

I think that I am on the right path.

I am going to see if I can add a photo.

Something seems wrong here.

But as I am running out of time.

I will just sign off and publish and see what happens.

Always, Carol & Alvin



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