Living … One day at a time

Hello, good morning and welcome to Friday.

YAY, I always love the weekends.

More time with me Alvin.

Yesterday was a great day.

Had a great walk with Mr. Alvin.

As I was enjoying my eggs & cheese and kale salad (yes, I know weird combination);

there was a knock at the door.

Went to the door to see the little boys from two doors down.

One of them had a rake in his hand and both asking if they could rake the leaves.

They had asked some time ago and I said yes and that included paying them.

So off they started.

I had a quick thought and asked them if they would like my rake?

Yes, they would so off to the garage I went to fetch the rake.

On my way back through the house I grabbed two blue recycling bags for the leaves.

They stopped to ask if they could come into my house afterward and see Alvin and my


“Oh, sure,”  I told them.

The boys worked so hard …. the older perhaps just a bit more than the younger one.

Who likes to smoosh ….. he will the social butterfly when he grows up.

I ate the remainder of my supper and watch the boys out of the window.

Stopping every bit to snap a few photos of the boys hard at work.

Only once did I have to remind the younger one that he should be helping his brother by

putting the leaves into the bag.

He did just that.

I did mention that I would give his older brother more money as he did more work.

He thought about it only for a nanosecond and then he was in there helping his brother.

The boys are in grades two and three.

Oh my goodness they may be laugh and smile.

After they were finished raking the leaves and putting them into the bags.

They came to the door …. I brought the bags of leaves into the house and placed them

on the deck beside the back door placing my rake temporarily in the corner outside the

back door.

The boys started asking so many questions.  Mostly the younger one.

Question:  “What do you do when you are not at work?”

Reply: “I do many things.  I write and have my own blog.  I walk with Alvin, look after

him and the house and more.”

Question: “Where is your Mr.?”  ( my favourite question )

Reply: “I do not have one.”

Question:  “Why?”  (always a question of children)

Reply:  “I just don’t have one, I have Alvin.”

Question: “Oh, you have JENGA.  Are you good?”

Reply: “Why, yes I do and I love the game.  Good, I don’t know.”


After the barrage of questions, I asked them if they would like to play a game of JENGA.

I also texted their Mom to let her know as I had been doing since their arrival.

I kept sending her photos.

Photos of them raking the leaves and one of them playing JENGA.

We had three games total of JENGA.

I never laughed so hard.

We had such a great time.

They were so serious and at the same time laughed alongside me.

Alvin well I think he was jealous that he was not getting 100% attention.

He kept barking.

The older boy kept saying “it’s okay Alvin.”

He would go and grab one of Alvin’s toys to see if he would play with him.

The younger one was semi afraid that Alvin was going to bite him.

They have two dogs at home.

One smaller than Alvin and the other is a black lab.

I assured him that Alvin was not going to bite him.

He was just wanting my attention as I was playing JENGA with the boys.

That was until 7:00 p.m.

The boys including the raking were at my house for just over one hour.

I thoroughly enjoyed our time together.

The younger one asked about eating.

He has a nut allergy so I explained better for me to be prepared.

So another time.

They asked me what kind of treats I was giving out this year for Halloween?

I told them likely chocolate bars.

The older boy said that the little one liked GUM and that he loved “AERO chocolate bars.”

So looks like I will be preparing some special bags for that family.

I have before so nothing new.

Well time to get the last bit of preparation done for this Friday work day.

Pick up the morning poop.

One last pee for Mr. Alvin.

I hope that you are enjoying the fall.

Some folks had some OR actually more than some of the white stuff.

Hopefully that will disappear and you can enjoy some dry warm weather.

Happy Friday to you ALL.

May you find laughter and joy in life’s simple pleasures, like a game of JENGA.


It is all about Kindness and Respect, a lesson we need to learn.

A way that we must live our lives.

Even if we fall down …. we need to get back up.


Always, Carol & Alvin






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