Good Morning ALL! How are you this Monday morning? We are doing well. I will say that we are still working on the sofa arrangement. Why is it when we used to sleep on the bed but would end up on the sofa, we would be comfortable and have a good sleep? I can nap sitting up with my head resting on the soft pillow backing of the sofa but cannot seem to settle down to sleep.
But it is something that I am going to get sorted out over the next several weeks. Making the most of our newly changed life. Which is temporary, yes it is. We had a great sleep last night. Up at 1:00 abouts to go outside for a pee, nope not me but Mr. Alvin and then slept until the alarm went off at 6:30. So happy. Feeling rested.

Yesterday was great. The temperatures were a reprieve from the heat of last week. So grateful that our air conditioning will get serviced on Wednesday and then we can enjoy comfort without having to sit/lay in front of fans.

I am so grateful to to my friends. Gillian picked up my favourite bread: sourdough and stayed for a visit. Most of our visit was enjoyed out on the deck and near the end of our visit we moved into the house as Alvin was getting warm. Poor guy.

Later another friend dropped off bananas and we visited on the front porch.

I am so lucky to have great friends that help, support and feed my soul.

If you are blessed to have good friends, true friends, people that are there in good times and in bad, you are very fortunate. I am fortunate.

Now that we are not able to take our daily walks, I have noticed that when Alvin sees another dog out for a walk, he will stand up on the sofa and stare. Poor guy, I hope that once he has the surgery he will recover quickly so that we can resume our walks. In the meantime we can enjoy the view from the sofa of our tree and our small view of the neighbourhood and our backyard. Thank goodness for flowers, our little patch of grass in the back and our deck. Life is good.

When life sends you lemons you can choose to squeeze them and make lemonade or add the zest to a vanilla cake batter. All I mean is that we can choose how we are going to go forward in any situation. Sometimes things are not easy but as long as we remember that we make the choice as to how we react in every situation. Our reactions are how we survive, how we live and how we are perceived by others.

So today on this musical mystery tour we call life, we will, I will have a great time. I will be kind and respectful of others. Patient and Compassionate with Alvin. Understanding, loving and grateful to myself and to all others.

Always, Carol&Alvin

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  1. Janice
    Jul 12, 2021 @ 23:19:11

    I’ve been thinking about you and Alvin since your post last week. It’ll be so stressful for you worrying about your sweet boy, and without your interactions on your walks long days for both of you. Glad he is adjusting to your new routine, they are such adaptable little creatures. Sending lots of love to you both.
    xxx ooo


    • mynewlifeat51
      Jul 13, 2021 @ 16:23:05

      Hi Cousin,
      Thank you for your kind words. Yes, been stressful for both of us. We are taking one day at a time. Enjoying our little piece of heaven – our backyard. I think things will be really difficult after the surgery as he won’t be able to walk on his own for about two weeks. So will be interesting. I moved my vacation up to fall right after his surgery so I will be fully focused on his recovery. Thankfully I don’t have to go to the office. I, we do miss our walks and interactions with friends. I noticed that Alvin watches people and their pups go by. Safe to say he wants to be out there.
      I’m on late shift today so start work at 11. We sat outside on the deck and just relaxed earlier.
      Hope you are well. Thanks again. ♥️


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