Good Morning All! How are you this Friday? We are doing well. I cannot believe Alvin this morning. We were first up at 5:23. He did not ask, beg or whine about food or water instead we went outside where he did his business. Then back into the house where we snuggled on the sofa until just after 7:00. I talked to him for a bit before going upstairs to have a shower and get dressed. He only barked once while I was upstairs which is odd. I am grateful that he does not seem to be anxious. If he is, he is doing a great job of covering it.

My daughter will be here for 9:00 and we will take him to the vet for 9:30 per instructions.

Both Alvin and I have had nothing to eat or drink since 10:00 last night. Those were the instructions for him and I do not wish to drink especially in front of him, so I will have coffee after he is at the vet. We are going to run errands, ie: grocery run and then back home to do whaler can to prepare before he comes home this afternoon. My daughter is spending the night so am happy for that.

I’m going to see if I can add photos of the boy from this morning and last night. We will go and sit on the deck until my daughter arrives so he can enjoy the lovely morning.

The flower photo did not want to be deleted so flowers and the boy.

Keep the wee boy in your thoughts and send him positive energy. Thank you.

Remembering more than ever to live with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude.

Love Carol&Alvin

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