Good Morning All! How are you today? We are getting better with each passing day. Sure is not the way that I had planned my vacation. But that is okay. I’m not sure why I reviewed my post from yesterday but I did and found typos. Lack of sleep snd using my phone keyboard with one finger – the reasons.

Yesterday my friend Pauline called to say if I would like to have a shower or do anything that she could come over and watch Alvin. Actually it was more of a gentle order and I graciously accepted. You quickly realize how much we take for granted. Making coffee, cooking, showering and all the things we do without any thought. I had the most enjoyable shower and am so grateful. My daughter came after a busy day at work so I could look after my flowers and get the mail. This surely has been a time with no sleep, appreciating the small things like giving Alvin pumpkin so he has good poops, enjoying a cup of coffee while the boy rests and seeing friends show up offering time and ready made meals just defrost and warm. I’m so lucky and grateful.

I wanted to share a couple of quick stories. There were two times when Alvin decided he was going to sleep partially on my lap. I had a blanket across my lower body with my legs folded under snd the other time one leg under and one on the floor. Not good positions for any movement with his head and shoulders on my lap. He slept for a long time and I had to pee so bad, lol. On the other hand so happy he was sleeping.

So with each passing day he becomes stronger. The incision is healing well. He is walking but more hopping than trying to put any weight on the leg. Although he does stand on it while on the grass. He almost was running this morning. Less whining. I can tell by his eyes that he is starting to feel better. I have to keep an eagle eye on him as he has been trying to figure out how to get off the sofa. When I’m in the kitchen I bring him and he lays on one of his beds. So that works well.

Few minutes till meds.

Well time to sign off. I never thought I would spend most of my summer/ early fall in the house looking out watching people and their pups walking and doing things outside. Life can change in a split second and all you can do is make the most of it. I’m trying. Certainly is easier with some sleep. Time to watch some of the Olympics from Tokyo which is nice.

Remembering to live each day with Kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude.

Have a great day.

Always Carol&Alvin

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