Good Morning All! Welcome to Saturday morning and an even warmer day than yesterday. Here in Edmonton our temperatures will soar to +30’s Celsius for the next several days. We will do what we can to stay cool.

Last night was not quite the repeat of Thursday night but we managed a couple of hours in earlier this morning. Not feeling too bad. I think Alvin is feeling the heat. His tummy was upset as we sat outside at 200 am with him eating grass. He did not throw up. He did just sit on the grass and with the cool air surrounding us, I was happy to just sit. I could hear coyotes howling in the distance which kind of have had me concerned. There was some smoke in the air but I could see the moon looking orange through the smoke. We went back into the house sometime later and after 300 am, we fell asleep and awake just before 700. After giving Alvin his breakfast, meds snd going outside we ventured back to the deck and slept Till 900. Up and going. I placed Alvin on one of his beds on the floor and blocked off sofa just in case he had the urge to jump up. I washed my face, applied moisturizer, put on eyebrows (just because) and brushed my teeth before getting changed for the day. Following this I put on a pot of coffee and grabbed the baby gate so I could quickly water the flowers on the deck with the boy watching my every move. Once done I grabbed his water dish, my phone and a mug of coffee and put items out on the deck coffee table before returning to grab the boy. We thoroughly enjoy sitting on the deck on the love seat. The air was cool, sky a bit smoky and a cool breeze blew over us every so often. I enjoyed my coffee and Alvin some water. There was a huge dragonfly dipping in and out of our yard to say hello. I love dragonflies. My favourite insect. Once I was finished my coffee, I moved the table to block Alvin’s possible escape by jumping down to the deck. Also moved a chair on the other end. With the table giving him a clear view of me while I deadheaded my flowers. I also moved some of the planters away from the hot area for later. Reminds me I should have moved two other pots but I still have time before the heat spikes.

As I write Mr. Alvin rests. I cannot tell if he is sleeper not but he is quiet. I elected not to give him pain medicine this morning and will monitor him throughout the day.

It is funny how your life can change in the blink of an eye. Things you took for granted like walks are for the future. We can walk a bit in the backyard for now. Even doing laundry or having a shower.
I have decided that once Alvin’s staples and sutures come out on Thursday that shortly thereafter we will sleep upstairs. I will be able to carry him partially over my shoulder. Even if we can sleep alternate nights in our bed and on the sofa, I would feel like I have a wee bit of my life back. Time will tell. At least I can give him a bath and haircut on the weekend.

Well time to finish my coffee as I think he is now sleeping.

Wishing you a great day.

Continuing to life this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude.

Always from Carol&Alvin

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