Good Morning All! How are you today. Alvin has been up and down since 330 am. I guess I should not be surprised as he has always been an early bird. He didn’t settle down much in between that hour and getting up to stay. Perhaps he is bored, I am really not sure. Could he be in pain? He is taking pain meds and anti-anxiety. I washed my hair in the kitchen sink and not sure why I haven’t done that before, silly girl. Then got dressed and we went for a walk. Alvin was happy and clearly wanted to keep going but I said no, back home. When we arrived home I put his water bottle down on the step to prepare to carry him up the steps and at the top landing I decided to set him on the wooden bench beside the door while holding him and leaning over with my keys round my neck to open the door. Perhaps I had a moment of insanity as. Edited I could fully react Alvin was in the air jumping off the bench. I managed to less the landing of his hind leg but nevertheless he jumped. I am so angry at myself. I was not meaning any harm and now this. He appears to be okay. I guess part of him is bored and scared. I have never placed him atop that bench and God only knows why in that nanosecond thought it was a good idea. Perhaps one less bending over to pick him up again and one less time for him. I cannot continue to beat myself up about it. It is done and is in the past.

Once in the house I turned on the coffee which I had prepared after washing my hair. After that I grabbed my shoes leaving chairs and sofa blocked so he could not jump up, I went outside to water the flowers on the deck and in both flower beds using the garden hose which speeds things up. Alvin watched me intently from the living room window. Then once done, I placed the baby gate at the open back door so that he could see me while I watered and dead headed the flowers. Some or actually most of the flowers are beginning to show the heat despite my keeping them hydrated. I took some photos to share.

Alvin gets his staples and sutures out this afternoon and I am so happy. Although we won’t be 100% back to normal and I don’t think we ever will, it will be our new normal. It seems that every time I get used to the ways things are, they change. Whether good or bad, that is life.

Anyway once I finished with the watering, I brought out some coffee for me, my phone and water for Alvin to the deck where we are relaxing before the sun heats up the deck.

I am wondering how to secure him from jumping off the bed. I wonder.

Well time to go. Despite a frightful start, this is going to be a great day. I have to believe that. I get to see my daughter which is great and wonderful.

Wishing you a wonderful Thursday. Go easy on yourself when you slip up.

Congratulations to Andre DE Grasse on his gold medal win yesterday. Wow, what a race.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude.

Always, Carol&Alvin

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