Good Morning All! What an night/morning it has been. Oh the adventures of me and the Alvin. Last night was hot in the house as we had another 30+ day. In the afternoon my daughter came to pick us up for Alvin’s appointment to have the staples and stitches removed. I will admit I was feeling a bit anxious to the point my stomach was upset and on the verge of throwing up. We were at the appointment on time. I had forgotten my mask at home in the midst of it all. But the staff gave me one. Into an exam room we were placed to wait until they were ready for us. Felt like forever to be honest. After a couple of questions with one of the assistants, they were ready for him. I sat there waiting to hear his cries as I knew he would fuss. I was pleasantly surprised that he was not to upset. Once done the Doctor came to chat. She said that the incisions had both healed well. There are the holes from the staples that need to close so in answer to my question no haircut or bath. Nothing to upset him. So next weekend not this one. She was pleased at his recovery thus far and when I mentioned our walking- well we were going a bit too far so we are cutting them down and will do more often. Good news. He will have his first one of six laser therapy sessions on Monday. Then we were home again. Amanda had picked up some groceries for us after she dropped off a dresser that she is redoing for me. That project has been put on hold since the kids brought the place at Alberta Beach. We shared a bite to eat and had a cup of coffee before she was on her way. Earlier in the day I received an order from Good Food but it was way too hot in the house to cook so I had raw vegetables and popcorn for supper. A friend from a few doors down stopped by to see how we were doing so we had a nice visit. Not much later and we were getting ready for bed. Alvin seemed to settle down while I watched a bit of television. Things appeared to be going well until out of the blue, I was startled. I looked over and did not see him. It was pretty dark so I felt the space beside me and nothing. I tried frantically tried to see him in the dark and nothing. Where was he? I was sick snd mad and mad and sick. I moved the ottoman which blocked most of the sofa, the pillow was still standing, the metal gate that surrounds the side of the sofa still standing so where was he? I made my way to the kitchen and turned on the light to see him standing there staring at me. I checked him and he seemed to be okay. I have no idea how he got to the floor other than he jumped over the metal gate barrier. I was sick. So now he had jumped down a few times. It was about 230 which seems to be the witching hour for us. The only thing I could think of to secure him was to put on his harness and a shorter leash OR maybe the plastic cone. But to me the cone is a punishment and I just couldn’t do that. So the body harness and leash. This is not our regular retractable leash it is one that has a circle at the end to place your hand and I knew I could wrap it around my hand to shorten it to a length that would keep him on the sofa. It did take awhile and I don’t think he really got used to it but it gave me peace of mind. So on that note tonight we will be sleeping in our bed. I will have to carefully carry him up and down but I can do it. I will just go up first and get ready before bringing him up. We will have more room. I cannot wait.

Up about 8, upstairs to get ready and then went for a short walk. Once home I put on a pot of coffee and then we headed out to sit in the cool air on the deck. I had taken my phone and started to write this post when out of the blue, someone jumped off the love seat onto the deck. So much for not jumping. He clearly is bored and perhaps in some pain. He is on pain meds and anti-anxiety meds. So that has been my night/morning.

Also I realized that the huge spider plant in my bedroom was stinking badly as water not draining as I overwatered in my bid to keep the plants upstairs alive. So into the garbage it went. How I missed it, I don’t know.

I have some photos to share of Alvin’s incision from start to removal and the sun this morning. Thankfully it is cooler and for the first time in weeks I turned off the fans. Looking forward to cooking tonight.

Well I should go and get some things done snd have breakfast as we try to figure out what to do. I am hoping that the return to bed upstairs tonight will help.

Fingers crossed. Oh, how I wish for the time before…….

Have a great day. I will try not to beat myself up about Alvin’s jumping off things. He is finally laying on his bed on the floor.

Trying very hard to live each day with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude.

Be well and stay safe.

Always, Carol&Alvin

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