Good Morning All! How are you this gorgeous Saturday morning? We are out enjoying the coolness of the morning. The sun is shining but has not as yet moved to shine upon the deck so we are in the shade for now. We had a GREAT sleep from 10:30 pm till 5:00 am and what a difference. I gave him his breakfast and meds and went outside for his morning constitutional, lol. Then because what right minded human being would stay up at 5:00 on a Saturday unless you had some planned or exciting to do. I just addressed the Universe aloud that I would like a couple more hours sleep and after hot Alvin settled on his bed that is what we had. Alvin seems to have a great internal clock as he woke me up at 700 am. After stretching we were up. I went upstairs to get dressed and to gather the laundry. Once downstairs I grabbed my flip flops, Alvin’s harness and put him into it, leash on and keys and sun glass clips and headed out to greet the morning. So absolutely gorgeous out just the perfect blend of warmth and coolness. We did our ten minute round trip and then back home where I put on the coffee and then carried Alvin to our little patch of green in the backyard. We have successfully managed to water flowers without him running up the steps. I open the back gate and fetched the garden hose. Firstly, I watered the front flower bed and he watched from the backyard but did get brave and came out a few st we ps. I carefully watched and when he came out to far and wouldn’t listen to me telling him to go back, I sprayed a bit of water in his direction. Oh, certainly with no intention of getting him wet. That did the trick. So I was able to water both front and back flower beds. We are to have a hot weekend so I want to ensure my flowers survive the heat. Last night we spent some time outside and I watered the pots by hand with a watering can. I also picked the two biggest of my peppers this morning. Back into the house to run down to the basement and start first load of laundry. After that I took my mug of freshly brewed coffee and my phone and placed them outside on the patio coffee table before bringing the boy out. We sat enjoying the morning air with me writing this post until I believe he was bored so back into the house where I topped up my coffee and now we are on the sofa. What an exciting life we lead.

Last night after work I gave him a haircut and although I could really trim his paws the rather thick coat of hair that had grown on his body has been trimmed. I did not wish to give him a bath so I gave him a wash down to remove any fine hairs . Today I will give him more of a sponge bath. He looks so much more comfortable. Perhaps that is why he was playing with his Teddy Bear a little while ago. Looks like someone is feeling much better.

Off the topic of all things Alvin, I am not sure if I have mentioned this or not but my kids have purchased an acreage out at Alberta Beach. Some people just have vacation homes and others live all year round and that is their plan. They have dreamed of living in the country with a bigger yard and lots of room for their pups. They are renting their current home which is a great idea. Thinking ahead to retirement. If they tire of the country in a few years and want to move back, they won’t have to buy a house. I cannot wait to visit. They are a short walk to the beach. Now the new home is a bungalow with no basement and they are downsizing by more than half which brings me to another topic of discussion. Stuff. Why do we feel the need to have a home snd fill it full of stuff. Oh, I know there are a multitude of reasons. Most lies in that we North Americans have over the years have had the land space and the financial means to acquire stuff. Sometimes we don’t have the finances snd go into unnecessary debt but that is for another day. When I look around my house and see all of the things that I have accumulated over my life I kind of want to ask the question, Why? What for? Why do we have such a want or need to keep things that remind us of a time in our lives or a person? Why? I believe that part of this lies in advertising- advertisers do such a great job of telling us what we need and want. I guess this also goes back decades to when we began to have more of a difference between the poor and the rich. The middle class was born. With technology and industry and no wars we were settled. Companies were born making all sorts of things that were not necessary in our lives but were things perhaps making a task more convenient or just something pretty. We have long entertained entrepreneurs and today we make so many things not necessary to live our lives. An example of is kitchen gadgets. Every year there are so many small appliances that are invented and created. We have become a society hungry for money. We put way too much emphasis on having “it all” – money to buy and go wherever we choose. I could go on and on but the point is we have too much stuff and I applaud my kids for getting back to basics or at least closer than they now are. I am trying to make some changes as well. It is taking a bit longer as with Alvin in recovery my time is mainly put to looking after him.

I think that we need to think twice about the size of the homes we live in and I know that I have more space than I need. Think about all the things we bring into our homes. Now I am all about supporting small business and friends that are in direct sales to support their families as I am one of them. Maybe we need to stick more to items that are consumable.

I have a few photos to post and then time to get going. My first load of laundry is washed by now. Time to have some breakfast.

We can all reflect and think about making some changes.

I apologize as somehow I copied the categories from my blog and cannot seem to remove. So will have to leave on this post. The dangers of posting using my smart phone and not the computer, argh,lol.

Have a great day.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude.

Always Carol&Alvin

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