Good Morning All! The air has a slight coolness. The sky is a brilliant blue. The sun rose while were napping after our second rise up with the moon still making a last appearance in the morning sky. It is Saturday.

My To Do List is rather massive this morning as I shake off the last bit of sleep and prepare for the day. A nice shower to begin with while Alvin waits downstairs for me. I cannot tell you how much I miss his ability to come up and down the stairs with me. This one some thing that we totally took for granted has changed our lives dramatically. I miss him either laying near the foot of the bed or on the mat in the bathroom while I shower. It seems like forever ago. I hope that someday we can actually sleep on our real bed and that he will wait for me to set him on the floor when he wants down. My bed is just too high even with the soft area rug on the floor. If he would use the cushioned bench at the foot of the bed for both jumping up and down, things would be much better but of course not something that you can rely on to happen. I must be patient.

I’m thinking that I might start bringing in my geranium plants this weekend once I figure out a good place for them to go. It would seem that I have become “the plant lady.” Funny my grandmother would had the “green thumb” – really did not keep plants in the house. When I was really small and we would travel down the road to her house, the only plant I remember is a fern. She did start flowers in the house but never kept them inside. It was another time. Now I have them all over the house. I can’t imagine my home without live plants.

I have two small Spider plants, an African violet and two poinsettias upstairs in addition to these plants in the kitchen. Soon there will be three pots with geraniums and a Callas Lily which will winter in the basement.

it makes me sad as I start winterizing my gardens and pots. Slowly the plants begin to die and need to be pulled and the pots returned to their place in the garage. The perennials and shrubs in the flower bed some of which are trimmed before the snow and or frost hits. I have two small shrubs that have survived since being planted in spring/summer of 2020. Such as life.

Well I suppose it is time to hit the shower after a lazy start to our Saturday. I like it this way. I usually hit my stride about 1030 and then don’t stop until supper time.

Have an awesome Saturday.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude and of course laughter!

Always Carol&Alvin

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