Good Morning All! Better late than never. Up later last night and then up at 230, and then at 500 and then 823. Kind of a mashed up sleep but anyway. Gone for our walk and paused for a few minutes to enjoyed the park. The trees, the grass and the fountain. Things we miss so much. Once home I gave Alvin some fresh water in each of his dishes. Then off to spend some time with Humphrey, Bogart and Cynder. Humphrey was laying atop the cat tree when I arrived and Bogart not on sight. I said hello and then went to clean the litter boxes. Bogart heard me and before you knew it, guess who was lying on the basement floor wanting some attention. So we had some loving and that lady for about twenty seconds and he was done. Anytime I tried to stroke his head or rub his belly he tried to bite me. What a guy. I guess his way of saying you had your moments. They are quite the characters. Humphrey let me pick him up briefly but was more okay with me stroking him. They both love to be sitting in the window ledges. I love spending time with them. Now Cynder the Gecko, well she was sleeping so I gave her fresh water and cleaning her water dish snd sprayed her greenery with water. Have to keep the humidity levels up. After just over 30 minutes I was back home with a tail wagging Mr. Alvin. I quickly put on the coffee and we came outside to the deck. He loves laying on the love seat with me.

The plan is to have coffee and breakfast and then give the boy a haircut and bath. Hopefully I can trim his paws this time round. I might give him an anti anxiety pill and see if he calms down more but will have to do that soon do it can take effect.

I want to do some yard work as well. So likely housework will have to wait. The house isn’t too bad. I want to do some computer stuff and research who to get to clean furnace snd vents so that I can call on Tuesday.

There always seems like lots to do.

Well it is time to get things going as time seems to get away on me. I have enjoyed this time on the deck with the boy.

Have an awesome Sunday!

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude and laughter.

Always Carol&Alvin

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