Good Morning All! I am very grateful that today is Friday. We had a sleepless night as Alvin was clearly in pain. At midnight I gave him one of his pain meds and thankfully there are some left. It took awhile and a trip outside in the rain before we got a bit of sleep. Then it was breakfast or close enough and back up. Thankfully not much disturbs his appetite and he gobbled it down. We have been in and out and he is not limping. Thank goodness. I gave him a bit of his wet food and a second pain pill. Fingers crossed. i think i was too liberal in letting him go up and down and once when distracted go up the three steps to the garage. No longer. i have been carrying him since last night.

I think that i have to shut the phone off so it can reset as it seems to hesitate using the keyboard.

I can smell the coffee and i will need it this morning.

I find it funny that after I watered the remaining flowers snd shrubs that it would rain so much.

I think that Alvin had a good visit with Teddy.

I hope you have a good Friday.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude and laughter.

Always Carol&Alvin

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