Good Morning All! How are you this morning? Alvin and I are great. We had another good sleep. Hope this is our future.

Earlier this morning when we got up there was a surprise waiting for us on the deck. I was kind of surprised as I had not heard of “it” in the weather forecast. I guess it is that time of year when anything can happen and obviously does. I have not uploaded the photos from my camera to the computer but I am going to try something else. You will see in a few minutes.

Photos of Alberta Beach, the pups and back home with snow overnight.

We are back home and to the familiar. The weekend was great with the kids. We enjoyed their new home, spending time with them and taking in the sights in their community. My daughter and I went to the Antique Shop not far from their home and I bought a small antique tin box with a hinged lid. It is so pretty and a green hanky made of a delicate material. I am using it to line the box. For the time being it has a new home on one of our night tables. I still am gobsmacked by the amount of stars that are in the countryside sky. So beautiful. Saturday night was cloudy so we could not enjoy a second evening of stars but I have that star studded sky in my mind’s eye where it shall remain forever. So absolutely breathtaking. The leaves are a vast array of colour in the country as well. Yesterday was a cloudy day with the odd shower. My daughter brought us home in the afternoon as we wanted to do some grocery shopping. Came home and unloaded the car and Alvin and then went to Save-On Foods for groceries. The store was packed with people. I thought it may be quiet. Once home we had a snack before Amanda headed for home. I am so grateful to my kids for hosting Alvin and I. We had a great time. Even got a game of Sequence in with my girl.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian Family and Friends. Today is the official day of Thanksgiving in Canada and we all have so much to be thankful for and about. I am grateful that despite the fact that like most countries we are not perfect but hopeful are learning to make the future more bright for all people.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love, laughter, and gratitude.

Love Carol & Alvin


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