Good Morning ALL! A bit of a late start to this morning after our girl’s Christmas party last night. 13 Sleeps till Christmas EVE. Back to the party last night. Oh my goodness did we have a great time. There was a bit of alcohol consumption, lots of eating and lots of laughing and chatting. I don’t think that there was one moment where there was not someone speaking the whole evening. No lags or awkward moments in our conversations. We decided on a mix of appetizers for supper/snack on which ended up great and then for something sweet Gillian brought some blueberries (have to have something healthy) and I had sugar cookies and fudge (which I made last weekend). We did have some cut up vegetables with the other items so not all “unhealthy.” I am so grateful that we could be together in person and not on ZOOM or TEAMS or whatever it was last year. Last night was awesome.

I should have taken uploaded our gift exchange. We all did well. I had a friend in the neighbourhood make wooden round Merry Christmas signs and the other part of their gifts will be late. I cannot say what that is because one of the girls reads this post, and no G, I am not giving away the second part of your gift. So this will be the Christmas much like last that keeps on giving. I receiving a multitude of gifts: Golden Girls Coffee/Tea mug with picture of Rose and something she would say (gorgeous) and a tea towel with picture of Blanche on it and a saying ALONG with a top, BUTTER RUM LIFESAVERS, New Fragrance from Bath & Body Works called PURE WONDER (so pretty) Perfume, Shower Gel and Body Lotion, a zip up bag for groceries and stuff, a Christmas bracelet, two pair fluffy Christmas socks, a eco glass with straw that changes colour when you put in water, a glass coffee to go cup with lid and a purse size spot remover. It honestly felt like Christmas morning. Man, am I ever lucky. Spoiled, yup. Not only doing my friends love me, they are very generous. I would have been good with a mug and the life savers and okay the socks but everything else is truly a bonus. I have everything laid out on the kitchen table as I just cannot bear to put it away. I want to look at my beautiful gifts for awhile. So grateful for each and every item. So grateful. I am definitely coming down from a FRIENDS NIGHT HIGH!

What do you say after all that? Well I guess the morning is slowly going away and I have a few things to get done. Like laundry, there is always that to do. Change bedding. I have to check and see if I can get some baking delivered today – depends on how icy it is outside. Next week I will take some treats to our Vet and Staff. I might just get some chocolate chip cookies baked today. It seems like a warm day and the sun is shining so maybe we might get out for a walk! Alvin could use a bath and a haircut but I have to wait until the medicine is done in his ears and I think he has one week left so that might be a next weekend thing although it may be colder. Anyway, could always give him a little sponge bath – freshen things up.

Wishing that I had posted photos, oh well. Not enough time now. Downloading from phone to computer always seems to take a bit of time.

Time to go and change bedding and get dressed. Yup, still sitting here in my pj’s.

Wishing you a great day. I hope that you have time to relax and enjoy life in between all of the excitement and rush of this time of year.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love, laughter, understanding and gratitude.

Always, Carol & Alvin

P.S. Mr. Alvin was so excited he just kept barking and “pretending” like he wanted to go outside last night. I think part of it is he does not have my full and undivided attention. Ah, poor guy. He did have lots of attention and helped me open my gifts. That was so cute.

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