Good Morning ALL! I hope that this post finds you well. Looks like 12 more sleeps till Christmas EVE! Did I count right yesterday, I hope so. The sun is now rising in the morning sky. We had some snow overnight which has placed a beautiful white blanket over the rooftops, decks, lawns, and streets. Hopefully most people have that ice cleared from underneath.

Yesterday I did laundry, packaged some Christmas baking and the Christmas cards and in the early afternoon, Alvin and I set out to make some deliveries. Our first delivery was at home so stopped in for a visit. This person happens to be a friend who moved into the area earlier this year. So we had a nice visit and tour around the house to see what she had done. J’s pup is younger and full of energy. He was running about and Alvin just at one point gave him a stern ruff ruff a couple of times and before we left the pup had actually was relaxed playing with his chew treat. I had not realized the effect that Alvin has on other young ones giving the opportunity to show it. Then we were off but not running. As we left her house, my neighbours were coming home and they both said “be careful of the ice.” Sonja’s boyfriend has cleared the ice in front of their house and one chunk that I was unable to clear in between ours. I ran out of ice melt. So grateful. I told them we would be extra careful. Luckily most of our sidewalk all the way to the park was cleared. The next stop was Joanna and Jaz but no one was home so we carried on. The next house the family’s Nanny answered the door and happily took the card and treats for the family (I was glad that I put extra in the box for her). Further down the street another friend was out chipping away at the ice in front of her parents house, they are away visiting family back home so she stays in their house with her dog Rio. We chatted for a few minutes before dropping off cards at two more friends down the street which were not home so I carefully tucked them into the mailbox making sure that they could see the envelope sticking out. I received a message last night from of the them so I know one card was received. On our way home, we stopped at our friends with the beautiful yard but no one was home. We were just walking on the public sidewalk heading toward the mailbox when I heard a voice and saw that our friend Joanna was out on the step of her house so we very carefully walked across the street (yes checked for cars coming both ways) and headed to deliver their treats and card. We popped in for a nice little visit. Her pup Jazmin is now over 16 years old, she is deaf but was okay to see her old friend. Afterwards we headed home. At home I turned on more laundry before packaging some treats and the card to deliver to Sonja and her boyfriend. I managed to get most of the deliveries made. I have two in the fridge to do today and will also make up another box for J&E who live next door to us. I will have the box to make up for Alvin’s Vet and Staff (our dear friends) to deliver this week, a box for my daughter and her husband and one for his family for Christmas Eve. Oh, last night I baked six dozen chocolate chip cookies as I felt I was running low. I think that I will be making another batch of fudge as it is definitely almost gone.

Something interesting that came out of yesterday. So my friend J and her pup Carter who moved into the neighbourhood earlier this year and who lives a few doors away from us – just happens to have her work boss living a few doors away from her. She did not realize that he lived so close. Now we all work for the same company. I happen to know him not just from work but actually from our walks as he has a small pup. He lives a few doors away with his wife and two children. So, H and his family are going away for a couple of weeks over Christmas and she had volunteered to look after Cookie, the family’s small dog but her dog Carter was way to energetic for Cookie and scared her. So she is unable to keep Cookie while they are away. When they had gone over the summer they were forced to leave her at a puppy daycare but Cookie was so scared without them and with all of the other animals that she would not eat. My friend suggested that perhaps he ask me. I told her of course, please let him know that Cookie could stay with us but would be good to come for a visit beforehand. So as luck would have it while we were out delivering cookies, we bumped into H and Cookie out for a walk. I mentioned to him about Cookie staying with us and I could just see the stress melt away from his body as I explained that he should bring her over just so that she could get her bearings and be in our house with Alvin. He did just that. Later in the afternoon H, his daughter and pup Cookie came over. It was so beautiful to watch. The pup while was scared to initially come into the house likely due to Alvin bolting to the door to say hello, finally was coaxed to come in. Alvin said hello and she ran around the main floor. Investigating his toys and every little thing. She would go and jump up onto the chair where H was sitting and be wagging her tail. H told me that she usually has her tail down and between her legs whenever she is around other dogs. Scared of them. She has not had the opportunity to socialize with dogs and is frightened. He did mention that it was funny that whenever we bumped into them while out walking – Cookie never was scared around Alvin. So who knew Alvin was a “dog whisperer.” Everyone was so happy. Cookie ran around checking things and Alvin sat on the sofa next to me just chilling. So Cookie will be staying with us for two weeks while the family is away. I am super proud of Mr. Alvin. It is so funny that he is anxious to be away from me but calms other dogs who are anxious.

So we will have four doors at Christmas time. YAY. So exciting. Well time to get dressed, have some coffee and then after a quick breakfast I want to give Mr. Alvin a quick hair trim and bath. I think it has been one month since his ear medicine. We have to wait for 30 days before he can bath after having that medicine. I will double check. There is a bit more laundry to do and baking to deliver and package. The day will likely go quickly. I am over the moon to be able to help a neighbour. They will not have to worry about their little pup who is going to have fun, be relaxed and be safe with us. I figure that she will be okay with Aspen and Mi-Mi as Alvin will be here and she will have almost one week with us before they arrive for Christmas. Aspen is so chill, she won’t bother Cookie and Mi-Mi will of course want to say hello and perhaps play.

Have a great day and remember there is always something you can do to help a fellow human!

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love, laughter, understanding and gratitude.

Always, Carol & Alvin

P.S. when I walked into the spare room this morning to retrieve the pillows to put on our bed after it was made, I decided to clear the closet for possible extra company at Christmas. Funny how when the moment hits – it is good to just go with it. Another item off my checklist. YAY, me.

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