Good Morning ALL! How are you this morning? Doing great I hope! Looks like 11 sleeps till Christmas EVE. We are getting close. Are you ready? Do you have a small low key Christmas or a big over the top Christmas celebration? I have a few small things to pick up including something for the pups including Cookie who will be with us over Christmas. In fact, this time next week we will be waking up with her. I am excited and a bit nervous to see how she will do. I think that all will go well and I am going to keep that mindset. Positivity wins the day. With Mr. Alvin here – it will be fine.

We had a quiet Sunday here in our house. I did some ice chipping on the deck and cleared the snow from the driveway although there was a bit of ice under the snow which I could not remove. You know the ice that is like a thin coating and nothing other than ice melt or the heat of the sun will remove it. Oh, big thing I gave Mr. Alvin a haircut and bath. I can tell he feels so much better although during the haircut and bath you would not have thought so. He looks so much better. I did get a bit close on his head but do not worry – he was not injured. I can take the electric clippers and run them along my arm and it does not cut or draw blood so they are so safe. I even managed to snip his front paws between the clippers and scissors and a lot of PATIENCE. I kept my cool. Reassuring him and giving him treats (his hard food). But it is done for another 6 weeks or so. Laundry was finished and I packaged up the last Christmas cookies for delivery this week. The last Christmas baking to be put together is for my kids and for Christmas Eve for my son-in-law’s side of the family. I did clean out the spare room closet which reminds me in the new YEAR, I will need to take a serious look at my office closet as it is packed full of things. Oh well, behind the door. Hopefully no one looks, lol.

TIme to head on downstairs and put on the coffee. I wish you a fantastic day. I hope life is treating you well, very well. Keep positive thoughts and fill your day with words of gratitude.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love, laughter, understanding and gratitude.

Always, Carol & Alvin

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