The New YEAR 2022

Good Morning ALL! Well this certainly has been the week of important BIRTHDAYS. Angel Betty White’s 100th Birthday on Monday and today Earth Angel Alvin Charlie Lewis celebrates his 13th Birthday. Thirteen years since our family adopted this beautiful boy with all the quirks and “social-bility.”

It was not so much that first night or even that first month but he did not have a very good first few months/year so he deserved much love and attention and that is what he received. I have apologized to him countless times as that first month was just as much filled with anxiety for him as it was for me. But we got through it and we are best buds. No one in my entire life has ever been this attached to me. He always wants to be wherever I am. He is my friend, companion and partner in “crime.” We both love to walk and cannot wait for this weather to change so that we can get back out there. I love to look at nature and he likes to sniff at nature. Perfect partner!

I am so grateful that you recovered stronger than ever from both the surgeries within six months last year. It was a scary time but you did it, we did it with the love of family and friends. Good energy prevailed.

So to my boy, my guy, I raise my coffee mug and WISH you, Alvin Charlie Lewis the most Happy Birthday and I hope that we have many more happy healthy years together.

We are having the best life. Instead of a birthday party this year, if you would like to make a donation to your local Humane Society or Shelter or Society in Alvin’s name, we would appreciate it so much. Thirteen years ago today I adopted you from the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society.

Happy Birthday Alvin.

Much Love Your Mom!

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