The New YEAR 2022

Good Morning ALL! Welcome to Wednesday, the 26th of January 2022. How are you today? Both Alvin and I are great.

Today is the BELL Let’s Talk Day. Today we destigmatizing mental health and raise funds.

The subject is no longer taboo. Finally!

For as long as humans have walked the Earth – we have stayed as far away from “mental health” conversation as possible. We shunned people with mental health issues and even worse.

Every family is touched by issues surrounding the brain.

Some may be small and barely noticeable to anyone including the person affected and others are noticeable a mile away. We are all affected by mental illness to some degree.

Although I used to think that I did not have any mental health issues but I was wrong. I like so many other human beings suffer from occasional bouts of depression which may be in varying degrees. Mine is “seasonal depression” and this is more common than one would think. This does not happen all of the time but mainly during long periods of overcast skies and blustery days. I just feel “blue” and not my usual bubbly self. So during these days I make sure that I surround myself with things that bring me joy and light. It helps.

Seeking professional help is important and surrounding yourself with positive influences is important as well.

You are important as is every other person on this planet. If you are not sure if you have depression or not, talk to a professional. They can help.

Everyone needs to “talk” to someone at some point in their lives. We cannot survive without talking – communicating our inner thoughts.

Have a great day and take care.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love, laughter, understanding, gratitude, focus and possibilities.

Always, Carol & Alvin

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