The New YEAR 2022

Good Morning ALL! I hope this finds you all well. When we first got up at 4:30 and did our normal routine followed by laying down on the sofa – Mr. Alvin started to shake his head and rub his right ear. This went on for about thirty minutes while I tried everything to help him. Finally I decided to give him a tramadol to take the edge off. His last one. It worked and finally he settled down and had some sleep. I am not sure if the head shaking and rubbing ear was due to an ear infection or if his paws are bothering him as he was licking them as well. Poor little guy. I will monitor him this morning and if need be will call his Doctor and set up an appointment for this afternoon as I am at the office tomorrow and Wednesday. Perfect timing. So this post will be short. I am running a bit behind.

Yesterday I wrote about “spices” and for all you Chefs and folks who run food businesses, I was not speaking to you as of course, you need and use a great many spices. Spices are good for us. I was only speaking to those of us who buy more than we use and end up wasting and throwing them out. I am one of them. I love spices. I use spices all the time.

Well even though we turned our clocks one hour ahead, it looks dark. The sky is white. No sunrise in sight. More snow! I would like spring and flowers. With the price of produce I am considering planting some vegetables and herbs in pots or any place that I can make room.

Happy Birthday to Karen, we worked together for over 20 years at SGI. She is now retired and enjoying travelling and her grandchildren. Have a wonderful day my friend.

Time to have coffee and do some updates on my work computer. Just had to change the password.

Have a great day.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love, laughter, understanding gratitude, focus and possibilities.

Always, Carol & Alvin

Please send good energy and thoughts for Mr. Alvin. Keeping him in good health.

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