The New YEAR 2022

Good Morning ALL! How are you this morning? We are up and knocking off my to do list before I leave for work. I cannot remember the password for the APP that we are supposed to complete before going into the office. If I “change password” they will send it to my work email and that would mean that I would have to sign onto the laptop. Not going to happen. ARGH. Not happy but what can you do. We do have another option and that is to use the tablet at the front door to complete the “wellness” survey before we get into the common areas of the building. Oh well, at least I have another option if I cannot figure out the password.

It remains dark outside so I am not sure if we will have a beautiful sunrise or not? Perhaps we will. Because there is always a chance that we will. Right! Absolutely.

Today one of my best friends is having a second interview for a job. I am sending her good thoughts and positive energy. She would be perfect for the job. Intelligent and personable.

I think that Alvin knows I am leaving for the day. He was up at 12:30 but he did have to go outside. Then again at 4:30 so I just decided to give him his breakfast. I was up about 6:15 and he was barking the whole time that I was in the shower. To his credit he was wanting a drink of water and as you know he cannot seem to do that on that his own these days. He likes to have me beside him. What a guy! My next door neighbour is coming over later this morning and then again mid afternoon to check on him. Let him outside to pee, give him a little treat, make sure that he drinks some water and to provide some company. I am so grateful that she can do this for me. I am anxious about leaving him at home all day, not one day but two in a row. So having someone coming in makes me less so.

I have about 45 minutes until my ride arrives so I will make this post short this morning.

I was thinking about posting some helpful hints daily or every so often. Here is one. When you are shopping and have the option of purchasing something like peanut butter in a glass jar. Do so. Once you are finished the peanut butter you can wash it out and reuse the jar. You can use it for loose leaf teas, spices, pasta, even buttons or change. Multiple uses for this. I keep all of my glass jars and reuse them or give them to others that need them.

Have a wonderful day.

Continuing to to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love, laughter, understanding, gratitude, focus and possibiliites.

Always, Carol & Alvin

P.S. Sending out love and good energy and wishing that the Russian troops would lay down their weapons and walk away. Peace for Ukraine.

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