The New YEAR 2022

Good Morning All! How are you this morning? I am writing this with one finger while lying down on my sofa at 530 on this Saturday morning.

We were to bed later and happily up at 5 this morning. I always open one set of blinds in the livIng room.

@&!:()), pretty much my thoughts, see photos😂

Back yard and front. I am thinking that Mother Nature looked down and saw that Alvin’s loo on the deck was fast disappearing and decided to help OR she has a dark sense of humour.

i had to go out with Alvin so put on my coat and shoes and armed with a poop bag opened the back door grabbed the shovel.

So what do you do at 5 am when you are wide awake?

Most of the time turn over and go back to sleep, not today. Shovelled and picked up poop.

We had almost no snow left. I am wondering if Mother Nature heard me say that Al’s bathroom was disappearing! Not sure.

Oh well, on the plus side it feels warmer out now than when we went to bed.

i texted photos earlier to my friend Val in Regina, my daughter and my friends Gillian & Signe who live nearby with the caption ”Up at 5, wide awake and nothing better to do” with enough exciTement for one morning and back to bed. Trouble was/is, I’m not sleepy.

So maybe now that i have written this post, I can lay back down because apparently I was dreaming and thought it was spring and most of the snow had melted. 😂

Trying to understand, be patient, be kind in thoughts, respect that it is March, have compassion with Mother Nature, remembering that I love snow, laugh that Alvin is sleeping while I am writing this post, grateful it is the weeKend while focusing on completing this post with the possibility of falling to sleep and waking up to bare ground!

Always, Carol&Alvin

PS Al got up, did some sniffing and back laying down. I have confused him😂

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