The New YEAR 2022

Good Morning ALL! How are you this bright Wednesday morning? Alvin and I are well. Perhaps a slight sleep deprived but otherwise good. The sunrise is so pretty this morning as the night sky dissipates once again. Every morning now I can hear geese honking as they fly about the neighbourhood. Nice to have them back. A good amount of the snow has melted especially if you are in the open and face south. Sometimes we can have snow on our front lawns that face north well into the warmer months. It appears that most of the snow has melted from the rooftops. My neighbour said it was to be +15 degrees celsius today. If that is the case, a good amount of the snow will go. We have a little problem as most of the snow has melted from the deck and the grassy area is not passable for Mr. Alvin to go to the bathroom, so this may cause some fancy dancy calculations. I will see what happens over the course of today and see if I can make the grassy area of our backyard easy for the Alvin to access. Oh what a life!

Yesterday I am happy to say, to report really that we got in “two” nice long walks. Which is great. One at my lunch break and one after work. When we left the house after work, we saw our friend down the street with her two pups. We waved at each other. Alvin and I crossed the street and headed over toward them. Leon, her new pup seems to be settling in pretty well. We walked together and chatted about everything from work to light bulbs. I had a light bulb question. An actual light bulb question, not a “light bulb moment.” So happy to be walking twice per day again. Feels good.

I also cannot believe that today is Wednesday where in the heck did Monday and Tuesday go. Seems like it was just the weekend.

Well our bright sunrise has now diffused as some darker clouds are rolling in. Hopefully short-lived.

My daughter texted me to see if it was okay if she came for supper on Friday. I said yes and realized that Friday was April 1st. So I texted her to confirm she was really coming although I cannot imagine that she would play that prank on her Momma. Maybe something else but not playing around with a visit. No way. I, we are excited to have her over. We are planning to make a stir-fry. Her favorite.

Well as the world continues to turn and we continue to move through each day, I wish you the best. I will continue to do my best. Making the right choices, hoping that the right words come out of my mouth.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love, laughter, understanding, gratitude, focus and possibilities.

Always, Carol & Alvin

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