Painting ….

A couple of weeks ago, as I sat down to do some painting with one of the little kids that I am babysitting, I realized that I had found another creative outlet.  Wow, I never realized at 53 years old, that I would be painting and loving it.  My canvases have been odd pieces of cardboard that I have saved.  The first two pieces that I painted – Miss Anela (my painting partner) decided to keep them for herself.  I have a fan, already.  She is four but that’s okay.  She has awesome taste.  Unfortunately I did not take any photographs.  Yesterday we painted again.  I snapped photos of the last two pieces that I painted and am going to post them on this blog.

You never know what you will find on any given day.  I had no idea.  So I urge you all to take care within your day, and you just might happen upon something that will provide you with joy and fun.  I really love painting.  We are getting low in the paint supplies.  I must give many thanks to my friend Anick who, when she was going through things before their move back to Quebec …… asked me if I wanted a box that had paints, brushes, cloth to protect table, painting aprons and other goodies.  I am so happy that I said “YES”.

So here are my “great” works of art …… you never know someday I might be the next BIG DEAL…. in the art world. …

The fun thing about the painting from yesterday.  The cardboard seemed to bow at bit but it gives the piece some dimension, which suits it fine.

#4 - "Blowing snow at sunrise" - paint still wet

Finding a place to showcase this piece...

Close-up .....

#3 - Bursting into Spring (behind the Sunflower pot)

Good background for my wooden Sunflower, a purchase made in Quebec City in 2007

Children ….. the light in our lives…

Last Friday, I watched over two of the sweetest children, Anela (4) and Zavier (2 1/2).   It was the three of us, and Alvin, of course.  We played  games and  with toys, and I answered questions. Yes, four year olds are very inquisitive, and want to know things.  So I did my best.  It was fun.  Made me use my brain and imagination at times. The kids played with Alvin throwing him his snowball.  We had a snack followed by quiet time which was me reading a story, and then more playing and then lunch. While I made lunch the kids watched a bit of television.  Thomas the train, is cute but honestly some of the children’s programming is beyond me.  I do not see what they see but then again I am not 2 or 3 or 4.  Likely the reason..

After lunch, we had some very special visitors.  My friend Anick, and her children who at this very time are getting close to her parents home in Quebec.  But last Friday the children, my friends Lea, Mahee-Lee and David came over to join us for the  afternoon.  I had planned to do some Easter Crafts, play some games, hang out and have a snack which would include chocolate cupcakes with a robin’s egg blue icing.  I set up a table in the family room in the basement to do the crafts.  The floor has carpet so the girls decided to show me their cartwheels, and other acrobatic feats.  I gladly sat off to the side and watched.  LOL.  Oh, to be young!  So cute.  The boys played with the cars and trucks until time for Zavier to go and have a nap.  Oh, I can still hear vroom vroom vroom… One game that I found that all of the children love is “I SPY” …… doesn’t matter what the age …. and we came up with a new twist on the game, too.  It is called “WE SPY” with our little eyes,  and you  play it in teams of two.  My daughter came over and took photos of the kids playing.  I wanted to have photos of my friends.

The day literally flew by.  Soon Anela and Zavier had left for home.  Lea, Mahee-Lee and David stayed until suppertime.  Another neighbour Kahlia came over and the kids had a “snowball” fight ( there has to be a better word than that ) but anyway on the deck in my backyard.  I took some video.  Kahlia is 9 and I thought that he would be the rough one but I must say Miss Lea who is 6 can definitely hold her own.  I sat out on the deck and drank coffee while videotaping them play.  The laughter was infectious.  They had so much fun.  Poor Alvin was not sure where to go.  He kept running from place to place.  Finally he rested over by me (guess he figured that I might be a safe haven).  It was the best day …. we had so much fun.  Children are the greatest creation.  We all need to have children in our lives.  I am so grateful for last Friday.  Keeping with the children theme …….. I invited Lea and Mahee-Lee to spent the night, a sleepover as Mom & Dad were busy with the finishing touches of packing.  We watched movies and had a great night.

The following photos say it all:

Anela, Zavier and Alvin (getting to know each other)

Lea getting some photography pointers from Amanda, everyone took turns

Me, Alvin and the Kids

Zavier and Anela @ SNACK-TIME

DAVID .... ah so cute.

Mahee-Lee enjoying her cupcake....

Me and the kids having cupcakes....

Miss Lea

My beautiful daughter Amanda - whose light shines bright!


Craft-time - Lea

Mahee-Lee the "Cartwheel Queen"

The rewards ..... of crafting...

Zavier enjoying his snack

"the next Spielberg" ......

Anela and her Easter picture

The whole gang.....


Happy Valentine’s Day

I had a light bulb moment today.

Realized that it was less than one week until Valentine’s Day.

So I got out my supplies and made a bunch of cards for those special people in my life.

Well, truth be told ….. there are so many “special folks” in my life and I simply would run out of supplies including stamps before making enough for all of them.

So for those folks that do not receive one of my “homemade” Valentine’s Day cards in the mail …… HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY.

I love you all……..

Craft Supplies for Valentine Cards

Homemade Valentine's Day Cards

This is what happens when you make things!!

More cards .....

Construction Details:  I took some “card” size construction paper that I happen to have on hand.

This paper came in a pad with a variety of colours and designs.  I folded each sheet in half.

Then I took some red construction paper and cut it in widths matching the size of the folded card.

The red paper became the inside of each card.  I had some ladybug stickers and since they were “red” I figured they were appropriate

for my Valentine’s Cards.  After that just wrote a little verse in each.

Simple but so nice.  I love receiving cards in the mail and receiving them period.  Also better when homemade.

Well my friends Lea and Mahee-Lee just called and they are coming over.

So have to sign off for now.

Always, Carol

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