Helpful Hint

Remember to check your sump pump pit.

Especially with all of the rain that we have been receiving as of late.

Test the equipment to make sure that it will work when you need it.

I found a wonderful place with great information “City of Edmonton Flood Inspectors”.

They have a ton of great information.

P.S. even if you do not live in Edmonton, the information is most helpful.


Always, Carol

In the garden…..there be flowers……and….

Summer of 2009, my first summer here in Edmonton

There be kids and puppies .........and ME.....Summer of 2009

Parade of Flowers .....

Valentine's gift from Azlin from Regina to Edmonton...yellow roses..

More pretty flowers......from my first summer in Edmonton

Neighbourhood Children enjoying a nice day in my backyard....

Open House for our Dear Stella Jewelry ……

On Saturday, November 20th, 2010, Amanda and I held our first “Open House” for our Dear Stella Jewelry business.  We were both so excited.  The morning was crisp but the sky was clear so we were off to a great start to the day.  I had baked like a mad woman.  Picked up special coffee, some teas and juice for the liquid refreshments.    Alvin was going to stay with Steven for the day.  So all that was left was to set up all of our prized creations.  I must say I was both excited and nervous.  We hoped that our open house would be a huge success.  Invitations and notices had gone out to our friends and family that lived in Edmonton and area.

Setting up for the Open House


Cookies, anyone?


Unbaked Chocolate Macaroons, everyone's fav


Fruit Cocktail Cake


Chocolate Chip & More Cookies....


Now some photos of our jewelry……

Starting to set up the table with all of our bracelets......


Our Dear Stella Jewelry


Shades of purple.....


Shades of Fall


Black and Silver ...... Ready for a Night on the Town


Green & Purple - very pretty


So as you can see I love to bake and I also love to make jewelry.  We have now included necklaces and hair pins in our line.  In the near future, we plan to make earrings as well.  We have made a couple of bracelet and necklace sets and will continue to do so.   I would say that our first “Open House” was a huge success.  We had friends new and old join us,  made some sales, as well as contacts for future.

Please go to Facebook and check out our Dear Stella Jewelry page.  Please enter “Dear Stella Jewelry” as someone has the Dear Stella name on Facebook.

Thank You

Always, Carol

Cleaning the office…..

Last week I spent a few days going through my office.   It is the room that houses my book collection, my computer, boxes of photographs, magazines, some craft supplies, collection of cards that I have received over the years, my daughter’s high school report cards, year books, and other “important stuff”.   There were several storage containers in the closet that needed to be reorganized as well as the book cases.   Usually twice a year, I go through each room and re-organize and re-vamp.  It always surprises me how many things I end up tossing (usually paper products), recycling or donating.  I am not surprised by TLC’s show about hoarding.  We  human beings tend to accumulate stuff.  Of course, some of us collect more stuff than others.  I was pleasantly surprised when Kelly Ripa of Live With Regis & Kelly told the audience that her husband likes to go through their “things” on a regular basis, and with a giggle almost threw out “their marriage certificate”.  But I think that he is more the exception than the norm.  People just like stuff.  I mean really, you can go into all these stores and buy little “doodads” and “gadgets” that really do little for anyone’s well being, and at the end of the day usually end up in the nearby landfill.  We are filling not only our homes with “stuff” but landfills and the oceans.  2011, is the year that I am going to watch more closely the things that I purchase.  It is not only the money aspect but I want to be a more responsible citizen of this planet.  When my grandchildren arrive and as they grow along with my great nieces and nephews, I want them to inherit the beautiful planet that I remember from my childhood.  I am not sure if this is realistic but I really pray, and wish that all the residents of this planet would take more care in what they bring into their homes because inevitably it will end up elsewhere.

So you keep your treasures;  Grandma’s china, Mom’s jewelry box, your Grandpa’s pocket watch and your nephew’s artwork (or at least some of it).  Perhaps you have a relative or friend that would love to have some of your Grandmother’s china or some other ornament.  Keepsakes are a good thing.  As you get older, as I have found, I have instructed family and friends to “cut out” the ornaments for birthdays and Christmas.  I really have no need for more ornaments.  Giving gifts of movie passes, dinner theatre tickets, spa treatment, babysitting services, and the list goes on and on.  Those are the things that we should give each other …. I mean for the adults.  Unless you have a real need for something …… keep this rule in-force DO NOT BUY.

I guess that I have gone off the topic somewhat here.  But that is okay, this is my blog and I can do that…… (please keep reading)…..(thank you).

Alvin was bugging me for his supper (earlier than usual) so I just took a bit of a break to feed him.  Back to cleaning the office.  I am a lover of moving the furniture around ….. this makes me feel like I have a new room.  Feels great and is easy to do.  What an easy makeover and economical, to boot.

As I am a sentimental being, I try to be realistic when I am spring or fall cleaning a room.  The rooms that are most demanding are the office, kitchen and my bedroom.  So when I am cleaning, I really think about each item.  Do I really need this?  Does it function or make my life better?  Will future generations be in awe when they come across it in Grandma’s trunk?  Better yet, could this item help someone else?

At the end of the day, my office is a couple of garbage bags cleaner and more organized and efficient.  At least until next time I perform a miracle.  Yes, I am GOD…..or at least I think so.  LOL.

Here are some photos of before and after.  You be the judge or perhaps not…… I feel better about the room and that is truly what is important.  Alvin likes it, too.  Good luck to you all in your cleaning endeavours.  May the force be with you.

Office before the Clean Sweep

Another before photo

Closet after clean sweep.....

Taken today after clean sweep but working so desk not perfect

Switched bookcases around

Other side of the office - broke up the bookcases

The other wall......

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