Helpful Hint

Remember to check your sump pump pit.

Especially with all of the rain that we have been receiving as of late.

Test the equipment to make sure that it will work when you need it.

I found a wonderful place with great information “City of Edmonton Flood Inspectors”.

They have a ton of great information.

P.S. even if you do not live in Edmonton, the information is most helpful.


Always, Carol

Happy Valentine’s Day

I had a light bulb moment today.

Realized that it was less than one week until Valentine’s Day.

So I got out my supplies and made a bunch of cards for those special people in my life.

Well, truth be told ….. there are so many “special folks” in my life and I simply would run out of supplies including stamps before making enough for all of them.

So for those folks that do not receive one of my “homemade” Valentine’s Day cards in the mail …… HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY.

I love you all……..

Craft Supplies for Valentine Cards

Homemade Valentine's Day Cards

This is what happens when you make things!!

More cards .....

Construction Details:  I took some “card” size construction paper that I happen to have on hand.

This paper came in a pad with a variety of colours and designs.  I folded each sheet in half.

Then I took some red construction paper and cut it in widths matching the size of the folded card.

The red paper became the inside of each card.  I had some ladybug stickers and since they were “red” I figured they were appropriate

for my Valentine’s Cards.  After that just wrote a little verse in each.

Simple but so nice.  I love receiving cards in the mail and receiving them period.  Also better when homemade.

Well my friends Lea and Mahee-Lee just called and they are coming over.

So have to sign off for now.

Always, Carol

Reminder to Everyone – Life is like that…..

The past couple of weeks I have been working on medical appointments.  You know going to the Doctor for a check-up.  Well, now when you get a new Doctor – you must do the “meet and greet” and then see if they want to take you on as a patient. I found this strange but yet a great idea.  Guess it can work both ways.  Anyway, I met the Doctor, and he is nice.  He gave me the paperwork to go to the Lab for blood work, and urine sample and also to go and have a mammogram.

Also I made an appointment to go and have my eyes checked.  Lucky for me, all of the medical offices are in my neighbourhood.  My eyes only changed slightly.  My distance vision improved slightly, so that means my close-up has depreciated slightly.  Oh well, likely a sign of years.  One good thing is I got to pick out new glasses.  Always nice to get a new pair of frames.  Makes me feel like a new woman.  Giggling out loud or GOL.

Yesterday, I had the lab and mammogram appointments (both in same building, how very convenient and I am grateful).

First appointment was at the lab.  The technician, Alma took a few tubes of blood from my arm (which was absolutely painless, thank you Alma) which was followed by the “pee in the cup”.  They have a few rules that you must follow to give them a proper sample but it was painless.  Good instructions.  LOL.  Alma also presented me with this plastic ziploc bag with some papers and stuff inside.  She said “I have some homework for you”.  I thought great.  I haven’t been in school for what 35 years, and now I am getting homework.  Guess what the homework was??  Never thought it was a “stool collection”.  That is not my idea of “homework” more like yuck.  Horror all of horrors, taking a popsicle type stick and well perhaps the details here are not important (I am certain that you get the picture).  LOL.  Wow, just thought of something.  Why would we call something you sit or stand upon a “stool” …..?

Oh, I forgot to say that the building that housed the lab and mammogram offices …. also had some stores.  Zellers and Shoppers.  So guess what – I went shopping.  Always a good way to spend time when you are early.  Found some pj’s on sale, and picked up some notebooks for writing, and yes, the winning lottery tickets.  I have them…..  Reminder to always be early and book extra time in between appointments.

Also had to do the old mammogram.  I feel for those ladies who are less endowed as it is not entirely a fun process.  Although it certainly wasn’t awful.  It seems strange to me in this day and age, with all of our technology – that we do not have a better way to check our breasts for unwanted objects.  I mean really – sticking your boob between two plates of glass. There just has to be a better way.  The young lady that looked after my “boobs” for the mammogram was lovely.  Had a great sense of humour.  I think that would be number one on the list of things needed to do that particular job.  I felt complete, when I had the ladies in the waiting room laughing over the size of boobs.  Since I turned 50 – they really do start to do the Snow Bird thing by going south.  It is not a pretty sight with no bra.  But I know that I am not alone.  LOL.  Appointments completed.  Just have to do the homework.  Remember do not p-r-o-c-r-a-s-t-i-n-a-t-e on this one.

I was also grateful that my kids were able to drive me there and pick me up.  How wonderful is that.  I think that I should buy a car.  A beautiful shiny red – Toyota – RAV4.  That is the one that I would love to own.  Okay back to the story.

Upon arriving at home, I found a phone message from the Optometrists Office letting me know that my new eyeglasses had arrived.  So my wonderful daughter drove me over to pick them up.  When I first put them on ….. I thought yikes, I noticed the difference in the prescription right away.  Love the new frames.  They told me to start wearing them today (better to wait till morning).  Thank you.  Good advice.

Next item on my medical to do list is a visit to the dentist.  The appointment is a couple of weeks away.  Time for cleaning and check-up.

Well, that is it for now.  Just have to do my homework and go the dentist and ALMOST forgot ….. back to the Doctor for the “annual check-up” …… that’s okay.  I’m up for it……

So reminder to everyone – make sure that you have your medical appointments on a regular basis.

All of the technicians, nurses, and Doctors were amazing.  Made the process “painless” …….

Take care, be happy and healthy everyone.

Enjoy your life as much as I am enjoying mine.

Happy Days.

Always, Carol

Good for the waistline….

Most of us living in North America these days are concerned with our ever expanding waistlines.

Even Dr. Oz is concerned, and has lots of helpful hints on his show.

Oprah has had many, many shows about it.

There are articles in magazines, shows on t.v. (Biggest Loser to name one).

But there is one thing that you can do that has not been mentioned (that I have heard) and it is this……


How many times have you been out for a walk and seen someone carrying groceries?

It only takes a few minutes to help out and guess what it “BURNS CALORIES”……

Helping others burns calories.

Somewhere along the way – in this busy society – we have lost our sense of community.

Well, I am on a mission to bring it back.

I think that we should help our family, our friends, our neighbours, and most of all STRANGERS.

Those people become our friends and sometimes even family.

So take the dog for a walk or your children or just yourself.

Be aware of who is around you and please help that person, if you are lucky enough to see them.

They will so appreciate it and so will you.

It is good for the waistline but also good for the mind and soul.

I appreciate your future efforts, and so will those people that you are blessed enough to come across.

Thank you so much.

Have a great day.

Always, Carol

Who knew – ground flaxseed and stuff.

I was reading a book on eating healthy and came across some valuable information.  As I am a giving person, I wanted to share this with all of you.  Ground flaxseed, two tablespoons daily will help keep you regular.  If you are having issues with that aspect of your daily regime give it a shot, also is good to help you lose weight.  I have read this in several places that studies have shown that anywhere from 5 to 25 pounds of waste can be retained in the colon.  Now isn’t that a dreadful thought.  No wonder we have a tough time losing those last few pounds.  So I am going to pick up some ground flaxseed, and give it a try.  I will keep you posted.

Now that I have made yet another lifestyle change …… (no dairy, no meat and no fish)……. am working on the no sugar as well.  I do feel better and have lost some weight.  This past winter (quit smoking last November) saw a few pounds find their way onto my body.  I know this because when I went to wear some of my summer clothes, arg they did not FIT.  But I am pleased to say that they do now.  Perhaps a bit more snug than I would like but the pounds are coming off.  I find walking Alvin twice a day for 40 minutes each time doesn’t hurt.

Okay, perhaps I got sidetracked ….. didn’t this start out with “ground flaxseed”.  LOL.  I have found once you hit fifty – it is even easier to get sidetracked.  Although I think that my kids would tell you that I have been getting “sidetracked” for some time now.  LOL.  Isn’t life grand?

I have found some wonderful plant based recipes and will share them with you.

I might have mentioned this before but I have a doggie that loves veggies especially “carrots”, “broccoli” and “cauliflower” and we share an apple at noon.

Have a great day everyone!

Another use for Vinegar !

I heard the other day on one of the morning shows that if you have dandelions and, you cannot or do not eat them (by the way they make a great salad) – spray them with vinegar.  It is definitely worth a try.  I have not as yet tried this so I cannot say for sure if it works.  But if you need to rid your lawn of these “yellow flowers” give it a try.  Safe for pets, children and the environment.

Helpful Hint …..

Try doing this after a hectic day at the office:

Go outside and sit on the grass in your yard.  Get comfortable.  Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths.  Then open your eyes,  and drink in all the beauty that surrounds you.  If for some reason you do not have a nice grassy spot to plunk yourself down on ……. sit on the deck or anywhere outside (preferably somewhere quiet) and CLOSE YOUR EYES.  Imagine you are sitting by a lake watching a family of ducks swimming by.  Ah, the baby ducks are so cute. Maybe the sun is coming up or just going down …… see how pretty the sky is with all those shades of orange and pink. Use your imagination, and just SEE a wondrous place – maybe a waterfall or a mountaintop.  Stay in this position relaxing for as long as you can or wish.

Just remember to take a few minutes each day to be quiet.  If you are new to meditation it is good to start with just being quiet.  I know from experience it is difficult to just be, and not to think.  It does take time and practice to quieten your mind.

Meditation is good for the body, soul and mind.  Once you have mastered “not thinking” you can begin to reflect on life.  Keep your thoughts positive.  Always remember your mind is powerful, and truly what you think and how you think is every much as important as what you feed your body.  For some reason our minds tend to think random “negative” thoughts on a regular basis.  It takes time and patience to keep those thoughts at bay. Truly your thoughts do become things.

Enjoy life.  Have yourself a wonderful day.

Water ….

I came across this information and thought that I would share it with you:

Two glasses of water after waking up helps activate internal organs.

One glass thirty minutes before a meal helps with digestion.

One glass before taking a bath helps to lower your blood pressure.

One glass before bed helps to avoid stroke or heart attack.

Try Something NEW !!!

Sometimes, I am a bit hesitant to try new things.  But not in the kitchen.  I love mixing and blending and making something new. My daughter planned to come for supper, and watch “Survivor”.  We are total Survivor nuts.  I have only missed two episodes in the 20 seasons that it has been on the air.  I decided to make lasagne for the main course, and a cake from scratch for dessert.  I couldn’t find the lasagne recipe that I used to use (incidentally it has been years since I made lasagne).  So decided to check the internet.  Too many choices.  Overwhelming.  So I pulled out my cookbooks.  Do you use your cookbooks?  I found one that was given to me by a girl friend back in Regina (thanks Barb).  It became the base for my recipe.  I decided to make a new one, recipe that is….  There was some good information on the lasagne noodle box as well.  So I had an excellent base.  Anyway, it was a BIG hit.  My daughter loved it.  I sent some home for lunches tomorrow, and another meal.  Now just to write it all down.  I am notorious for coming up with new recipes, and not writing them down.  Because we all know (from past experience) that we will not remember come the next time !!!

Dessert was this BANANA CHOCOLATE CHUNK CAKE …… took a recipe and made it my own.  Not your typical low cal dessert but another hit.  YUMMY.

So I promise to write these recipes down so that you can try them.  I promise your family will love them.

Always remember to try something new.  New recipe.  New walking path.  New coffee blend.  Just something new.

Helpful Hints for the Ladies

Hi, I was watching one of the morning programs and learned some interesting facts.  I would love to share them with you ladies out there in BLOG LAND:

– If you have some powder eye shadow that you have had for a bit (don’t keep for more than one year), it can be sanitized by taking a cotton swab and wetting it with rubbing alcohol. Leave the compact open and  place it inside a ziploc bag for a few hours. I tried it and it does refresh the eye shadow.  But at the end of the day do not keep your eye make-up for more than a year.  If it starts to give off an odour it is definitely time to dispose of that “metallic blue” shadow (LOL).  I have a weakness for make-up.  My bathroom drawers were jammed full.  Just last week, I decided that because I  had better do some make-up house-cleaning.  So now the spare bathroom does not house the make-up that I do not use on a daily basis.  All that I use is housed in a couple of trays in my personal bathroom.   YAY.

-I did not know this one.  Lipstick should not smell.  If it starts to give off a crayon-like odour it is time to toss it.

-Try not to purchase more than what you really need and use. ( this was tough for me but I have learned a valuable lesson)

Much easier on the pocketbook, too.

– Perfumes should be kept out of the light and direct heat ( I know we girls all want to display those pretty bottles)

I will continue to share any helpful hints that I come across in my “travels”……

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