Memories from long ago……

Grandpa Jim & All 5 of us ...... 1965

Grandpa Jim & All 5 of us …… 1965


Jeff and Five of Five (Tyler, Cindy, Carol & John) - 1992

Jeff and Five of Five (Tyler, Cindy, Carol & John) – 1992

Just for fun……

This has been a fun day.  My neighbour Sonja was over for coffee, and a visit earlier in the day.  We always have such great fun chatting up a storm.  Catching up, mostly.  She is one busy young lady.  But I just love her.  She is truly a beautiful human being. Alvin was so excited when he saw her coming up the sidewalk.  I thought that he was going to shake his hind end right off.  LOL.  That is my boy – he gets super excited when company arrives.  I get just as excited but I do not shake my “hind” end.  Now wouldn’t that be a sight.  LOL.

Later this afternoon we are going over to Amanda, Steven, Elton & Penny’s house for supper.  So that will be the perfect way to end this marvellous day.  The sun is shining and it is 15 degrees outside.  How’s that for an Easter weekend?  AWESOME, AMAZING, I would say.  So I thought that I would like to put some more fun stuff on my blog today as yesterday postings were a tad on the serious side.  I just had one of those days …… but that is okay.  I was typing, writing and listening to Neil Diamond (I TUNES).  I listened to all of the songs that I had copied  from a cd that I had purchased.  Now they are on my computer and I can listen to them anytime.  I love so many of his songs:  “Walk on Water” is one of my FAVS.  Soolaimon, Mr Bojangles, Brother Love’s Travelling Salvation Show, Sweet Caroline, Solitary Man ….. and the list goes on.  So I cranked up the volume and went to writing and inputting some poems & possible song lyrics on my BLOG.  Alvin kept wandering from room to room.  I do not think that he appreciated the volume. Or perhaps it could have been the fact that I was “singing” along with Neil.   I had the window open as well to let in the fresh spring air so the neighbours got a free show.  LOL.

Back to today.  I am going to post miscellaneous fun photos and just put a “funny” caption to each one.

For your viewing pleasure.

"Green with Envy"

"1, 2, 3" .... ready or not here I come..

"PLEASE" I promise.......

"You told me red lipstick was in"

Just TOO Cute......

This is how "Justin Bieber" got started.

Little boy to Little Girl "Hm, let me think about that"

"Head in the clouds"

Who says "You have to be a Prince, to get the girl"...

"Are you sure?" .. this is the one?

"Oh, man where did all this white stuff come from?"

OMG, Alvin did you leave those tracks? Alvin "RUFF, must have been aliens".

"Come on in, the water's great"....

Children ….. the light in our lives…

Last Friday, I watched over two of the sweetest children, Anela (4) and Zavier (2 1/2).   It was the three of us, and Alvin, of course.  We played  games and  with toys, and I answered questions. Yes, four year olds are very inquisitive, and want to know things.  So I did my best.  It was fun.  Made me use my brain and imagination at times. The kids played with Alvin throwing him his snowball.  We had a snack followed by quiet time which was me reading a story, and then more playing and then lunch. While I made lunch the kids watched a bit of television.  Thomas the train, is cute but honestly some of the children’s programming is beyond me.  I do not see what they see but then again I am not 2 or 3 or 4.  Likely the reason..

After lunch, we had some very special visitors.  My friend Anick, and her children who at this very time are getting close to her parents home in Quebec.  But last Friday the children, my friends Lea, Mahee-Lee and David came over to join us for the  afternoon.  I had planned to do some Easter Crafts, play some games, hang out and have a snack which would include chocolate cupcakes with a robin’s egg blue icing.  I set up a table in the family room in the basement to do the crafts.  The floor has carpet so the girls decided to show me their cartwheels, and other acrobatic feats.  I gladly sat off to the side and watched.  LOL.  Oh, to be young!  So cute.  The boys played with the cars and trucks until time for Zavier to go and have a nap.  Oh, I can still hear vroom vroom vroom… One game that I found that all of the children love is “I SPY” …… doesn’t matter what the age …. and we came up with a new twist on the game, too.  It is called “WE SPY” with our little eyes,  and you  play it in teams of two.  My daughter came over and took photos of the kids playing.  I wanted to have photos of my friends.

The day literally flew by.  Soon Anela and Zavier had left for home.  Lea, Mahee-Lee and David stayed until suppertime.  Another neighbour Kahlia came over and the kids had a “snowball” fight ( there has to be a better word than that ) but anyway on the deck in my backyard.  I took some video.  Kahlia is 9 and I thought that he would be the rough one but I must say Miss Lea who is 6 can definitely hold her own.  I sat out on the deck and drank coffee while videotaping them play.  The laughter was infectious.  They had so much fun.  Poor Alvin was not sure where to go.  He kept running from place to place.  Finally he rested over by me (guess he figured that I might be a safe haven).  It was the best day …. we had so much fun.  Children are the greatest creation.  We all need to have children in our lives.  I am so grateful for last Friday.  Keeping with the children theme …….. I invited Lea and Mahee-Lee to spent the night, a sleepover as Mom & Dad were busy with the finishing touches of packing.  We watched movies and had a great night.

The following photos say it all:

Anela, Zavier and Alvin (getting to know each other)

Lea getting some photography pointers from Amanda, everyone took turns

Me, Alvin and the Kids

Zavier and Anela @ SNACK-TIME

DAVID .... ah so cute.

Mahee-Lee enjoying her cupcake....

Me and the kids having cupcakes....

Miss Lea

My beautiful daughter Amanda - whose light shines bright!


Craft-time - Lea

Mahee-Lee the "Cartwheel Queen"

The rewards ..... of crafting...

Zavier enjoying his snack

"the next Spielberg" ......

Anela and her Easter picture

The whole gang.....


In the garden…..there be flowers……and….

Summer of 2009, my first summer here in Edmonton

There be kids and puppies .........and ME.....Summer of 2009

Parade of Flowers .....

Valentine's gift from Azlin from Regina to Edmonton...yellow roses..

More pretty flowers......from my first summer in Edmonton

Neighbourhood Children enjoying a nice day in my backyard....

Landscaping Project Summer 2010 – Stage 1

Last summer, quite by accident, I had my front and back yard landscaped.  It was the best home project ever.  So it was  in the first part of May, one beautiful evening my neighbour Anick phoned.  She had a visitor, and had mentioned to him about me, and my thoughts of doing some landscaping.  So enters, John W.  They both came over to my house, and within 20 minutes we had a “rough plan” for the back yard, and he was hired.  Usually I ponder things for a longer period but I am changing, and slowly becoming a new person.    Put my faith in the Universe, and went for it.  Besides once you hit the “50” mark – why not.  Go for it.  So that is exactly what I did.

A couple days later we had picked up the lumber, nails and other supplies and started the deck.  That was the starting point of this landscaping project.  Initially, we thought of extending the deck with a hour-glass shaped portion from the house to the garage.  Once we got out there, and started measuring things we realized that that was not going to work.  There would be gaps between the deck and the fence where someone (child, adult or Alvin) could fall down in between the deck and the fence.  So, change of plans.    John always thinking (as I got to know him) came up with a great plan.  Why not, just use 16 foot lengths, no cutting.  The deck would have a middle section that was attached to the deck off the house and then there would be three steps up to another tier or platform that was attached to the garage.  (You can see this better in the photos than I can explain, LOL) At the same time, he added railings off the original deck at the high end, and at the top by the garage.  Safety, always.  We made several trips to the lumber yard.  Stopping always for coffee at Starbucks.  I should also mention, and give props to my neighbour Peter (Anick’s husband) who helped John with the construction aspect of the project.  He shovelled dirt, showed off his nail gun skills, and when I had to run out for supplies with John, he graciously kept an eye on my Alvin.  Alvin has become the neighbourhood ambassador of sorts – he loves everyone and they love him.  Simple as that.

The first part of this project lasted only a few days giving me a taste of landscaping and ideas!  I am so grateful to John and Peter for building me the most beautiful deck on the planet.  It is great.  I have the space to entertain a huge crowd.

Deck project begins May 2010


Deck project


My friend Peter - great worker


Getting there ...... looks great.


Next the steps....


Steps going in .....


Alvin checking things out, making sure it is safe !!

Visitors - Anick - love the face painting

Visitors to see the new deck ..... and her Daddy (Peter). Cute butterfly.

Another Visitor - Mahee-Lee (such a great job on the face painting)

David, Peter & Anick's youngest ..... what a cute little boy.

John cleaning up after the deck was finished. YAY...

John & Peter, two of the greatest guys. They did such an awesome job on the deck.

Deck complete, what a beautiful sight. Now for the flowers.... FUN

THANK YOU JOHN & PETER ....... good times....

John added the bird house that Amanda made in high school shop class to the top of the pole. Next day we had visitors.

Well it was so much fun.  We laughed, share many a cup of coffee before the guys were off to the next venture.  Actually John moved next door to do my adjoining neighbours back yard.  There is another chapter to my landscaping story, and I will add that at a later time.  The summer of 2010 was the most fun.  Lots of jokes, coffee and hard work…..  Thank you guys…


Always, Carol


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