The New YEAR 2022

Good Morning ALL! How are you this morning? The sun is up but partially hidden behind some clouds. Looks beautiful as you can see the clear sky between the layers of clouds. I love how that looks. There is one place that I just noticed where it appears like beams of light coming out over the clouds, I guess from the sun itself. So pretty. It is mild outside and forecast is for plus 5 degrees celsius. YAY. One of my neighbours and friends brought over some gravel mix and put down on the sidewalk as it was so icy. I have not been anywhere to pick any up and of course, forgot to mention it to my daughter. I am so grateful to have such great friends and neighbours. Safe to walk on our sidewalk. I have put a call out to my daughter if she is by any place that sells it – to please pick some up for us. We did not get out for a walk yesterday but hopefully this afternoon.

In a few minutes, I am going to put on coffee, first load of laundry and have a quick bite to eat so that at 10:00 a.m. – I can give Mr. Alvin a haircut followed by a bath. Then he will be dry so that we can go for a walk mid afternoon. He will have to wear his sweater of course.

So happy for the weekend.

How about some photos?

I wish you a great Saturday.

Continuing to live with respect, kindness, compassion, patience, love, laughter, gratitude, understanding, focus and possibilities.

Always, Carol & Alvin


Good Morning ALL! How are you this morning? Wow, December 30, 2021. Well we slept in but really what does it matter? We are not going anywhere or doing anything special. The sky is clear and the sun is up. The pups are both in the office with me. I caught Cookie a couple of minutes ago carrying something downstairs. It was a Fifth Avenue Jewelry box. One that once held a piece of jewelry but was stored on a moveable cart in the guest room. Perhaps to be used another day. Well Miss Cookie had it in her mouth and was about to make a quick getaway down the stairs. She definitely is getting more brave and confident and inquisitive with each day she spends with us. I am most grateful to have Mr. Alvin as he is more concerned to be right beside me than to be checking things out in other rooms. He never really has inquisitive. He has always been happy to be with me. No matter where I am or what I am doing. So as we go into the New Year we, me and Alvin are with another being who likes to look and sniff and see what everything is. Maybe it is because our home is relatively new to her and not to us. I am not sure but whatever it is I am happy that it is the way it is in this moment. She is lying on her belly scratching at the door. She does not like the door being closed. But she will need to learn patience. After this post, I am going to have a shower so yet again another door will be closed. I do not trust her not to get into things if I am out of the room for more than a couple of minutes. She jumps as though she is flying. What a character she is!

She loves to lick me and Alvin. She was just licking Alvin’s face and he put his paw up as if to say “enough.” She is lying by the door on her side and Alvin is whining, for what reason I do not know. Perhaps he is bored being in the office with the door closed. Not an usual scene for us.

I just paid Alvin’s pet license online. Thank goodness for technology.

Well the troops are getting restless and I need a shower. I think today will be a pancake day. Time to use up milk and eggs. I always buy too much at Christmas. Even with the extra company we still did not go through as much as I bought grocery wise. Which is okay as I do not need to go to the grocery store any time soon. Except for bananas. We always need bananas. Alvin and I love bananas. I would love one right now.

I forgot to mention that when we went to bed last night. Cookie was playing. Alvin was laying down quietly but she was jumping and rolling and did a backflip right off the bed. Thankfully she landed on the area rug. I couldn’t look at first as I thought for certain she had injured herself. But within a couple of seconds she was back up and fooling around. Whew!!

I wished that I could show you a video of Alvin and Cookie playing together. Chasing one another. Once in awhile they stop and she licks his face. I haven’t seen that much energy coming out of Mr. Alvin in a long time. Clearly they are enjoying each other’s company.

I had pulled the spare bedroom door closed and heard a scratching but it was not Cookie opening the door – it was the Alvin. OMG.

Sometimes there is fireworks!!

Wishing you a great day. I hope that you are able to laugh and are in good health and have plenty to eat.

Continuing to live each day with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love, laughter, understanding and gratitude.

Always, Carol, Alvin and Cookie (Monster).

P.S. I renewed Alvin’s pet license this morning. I had forgot that I did it online last year. So easy to do.


Good Morning,

Cold but bright and sunny morning and I am feeling under a bit under the weather with a headache. Decided to take a sick day and get some rest.

I will be back bright and early tomorrow.

Always, Carol&Alvin


Good Morning All! It is a frosty window here in Edmonton. There remain many trees in our neighbourhood that are full with leaves. The sun is shining in a full clear blue sky. A beautiful fall morning. I took an extra day of vacation to make this an extra long weekend. Just chilling on the sofa with Mr. Alvin. I am trying a Mary Kay facial mask. Feels good. The coffee has finished perking and not quite sure if I can drink with this mask on. it is not your typical clay mask but rather a mask filled with good things for your face. You remove each mesh side and then lay the mask which has holes cut out for your eyes, nose and eyes. Then you lay on your face and press in place. Feels great.I will report back later with name and results.

I am so grateful to have this extra day to finish up things before back to work. Some time for self pampering which is the facial mask. I do not often take the time to pamper myself like having a soaking bath, facial mask, feet soaking etc. But when I thought about it just after I washed my face and got dressed – it felt like the time. So here I am sitting on the sofa with a mask doing its’ job softening and treating my skin while writing this post. Sometimes you just have to take time and do something extra for yourself. Might have been better if I had been laying on my bed relaxing but that okay. Better than not at all. Take the time. When I was listening briefly to the news a little while ago and heard that 90 year old William Shatner is going into space. Maybe only for 13 minutes but he is still doing it. I feel at 64 that I should be doing more and maybe this was the kick in the pants that I need.

Okay almost time to remove the mask and have coffee.

Remember to take time for you and not just sitting on the sofa watching television.

Have a great Tuesday.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, patience, compassion, understanding, love and laughter and gratitude.

Always, love Carol&Alvin


Good Morning All! How are you this morning? Alvin and I are great. We had another good sleep. Hope this is our future.

Earlier this morning when we got up there was a surprise waiting for us on the deck. I was kind of surprised as I had not heard of “it” in the weather forecast. I guess it is that time of year when anything can happen and obviously does. I have not uploaded the photos from my camera to the computer but I am going to try something else. You will see in a few minutes.

Photos of Alberta Beach, the pups and back home with snow overnight.

We are back home and to the familiar. The weekend was great with the kids. We enjoyed their new home, spending time with them and taking in the sights in their community. My daughter and I went to the Antique Shop not far from their home and I bought a small antique tin box with a hinged lid. It is so pretty and a green hanky made of a delicate material. I am using it to line the box. For the time being it has a new home on one of our night tables. I still am gobsmacked by the amount of stars that are in the countryside sky. So beautiful. Saturday night was cloudy so we could not enjoy a second evening of stars but I have that star studded sky in my mind’s eye where it shall remain forever. So absolutely breathtaking. The leaves are a vast array of colour in the country as well. Yesterday was a cloudy day with the odd shower. My daughter brought us home in the afternoon as we wanted to do some grocery shopping. Came home and unloaded the car and Alvin and then went to Save-On Foods for groceries. The store was packed with people. I thought it may be quiet. Once home we had a snack before Amanda headed for home. I am so grateful to my kids for hosting Alvin and I. We had a great time. Even got a game of Sequence in with my girl.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian Family and Friends. Today is the official day of Thanksgiving in Canada and we all have so much to be thankful for and about. I am grateful that despite the fact that like most countries we are not perfect but hopeful are learning to make the future more bright for all people.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love, laughter, and gratitude.

Love Carol & Alvin


Good Morning All! I hope that you are having a great weekend. I have big news. Guess who slept through the night? Someone slept from around 10 pm till 7:22 am this morning. I could not believe the time. I think it has been a decade since he has slept through the night. How wonderful to have a full night sleep!

We had a good day on Saturday filled walks, photo session, cleaned out garden boxes, garage and shed followed by turkey supper and DQ ice cream cake for dessert.

Going home this afternoon after I help my daughter with a project.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rainy day.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love, laughter and gratitude.

Always Carol&Alvin


Good Morning All! Monday morning. The sun is rising as the night sky disappears. The air was cool but not cold as we just returned from a trip to the backyard. Me with only three quarter length sleeves.

Last night the moon was bright and fun. The stars shining brightly in the night sky.

We made another attempt at sleeping upstairs in our bed after much thought and action. I had thought and even took the mattress and boxsprings off the bed frame thinking if it were removed that the distance to the area rug under the bed would not be a far jump should Alvin not wait for me to lift him down. At one point I had the mattress leaning against the wall with the windows and the boxspring precariously leaning against the dresser. I then realized having the boxspring on the floor wouldn’t work due to the large metal rod on the bottom and only coveted by a light material. Even with something on the floor to protect it, just not going to work. I brought up Alvin’s round bed from the main floor and then hunted for the air mattress in the basement and garage. I opened every container but no air mattress. Finally in the garage I realized that maybe I could use the cushions from the patio furniture. So I did. I carried Alvin upstairs to try things out. He just walked the bed and rolled at one point. I thought that I would try leaving the room peeking in but he saw me. I tried again and he walked to the edge and looked over the edge before jumping off using the bench. He seldom used it for coming off the bed. So I figured we would try sleeping in our bed for the first time in several weeks. I was over the moon excited. Then I carried him back downstairs. When it came time for bed, I made sure that I had gone up first and prepared. I will say he settled pretty fast. It was great reading at bedtime for the first time since beginning of July. I started a new book to celebrate. A few hours later someone woke up and I was able to coax him to lay back down with this happening another time before I collected him and carried him downstairs and outside we went at about 2:00 am. Then back into the house after he did his business and after wiping paws and turning out lights back upstairs to bed. Managed to keep him in bed till 5:34 am. Then up for his breakfast and outside. It was glorious sleeping in my bed after so long. It will take him getting used to another routine but it is going in the right direction.

I hope you have a great Monday.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude and laughter.

Always Carol&Alvin


Good Morning All! How are you? Alvin and I are great. We had the best sleep in months. Last night just as we were going to sleep there was a huge boom of thunder. I am so grateful that Alvin is not bothered by the thunder. The grass in the backyard is starting to come back to a nice bright green.

Yesterday I was able to give away some items that I no longer need. I also sold the extra television that I had.

Sometimes on a Sunday you need flowers and the sky from last night. A correction I have a Canas Lily not Callas Lily.

I am loving my Marigold plant in my back flower bed.

Clouds are so amazing. The last couple of days there have been times that we happily retreated to the deck and sat on our love seat looking up at the clouds and imagining what the shapes could be. I am not sure that Alvin was enjoying the clouds as much as me but he certainly enjoys being outside.

Well it is Sunday. Oh, I forgot to say that one of my free items was picked up by a lady I used to work with who has since retired. We had tea and a great visit catching up.

Time to go. I hope you are smiling and enjoying the weekend.

Happy Sunday.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, patience, compassion, understanding, love and gratitude and laughter.

Always Carol&Alvin


Good Morning All! How are you this Saturday morning? Alvin and I are well. I wont say we had a great sleep but not too bad. Isn’t it funny that sleep has been my major topic of this blog for quite some time. Sleep or lack of is a major force in how we live our daily lives. It drives our health. Lack of sleep does not give your body and mind the time to regenerate and rest affecting everything we do. I am happy that somehow through this time, I have managed to keep my sanity, to fo my job and look after Alvin. Or have I?

This will be short as I have people coming to pick up items that i am giving away. I had an extra television so just sold it and it was picked up. Nice to do some fall cleaning.

The sun is finally breaking through the clouds.

Have a wonderful day.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love and laughter and gratitude.

Always Carol&Alvin


Good Morning All! Well I did not think that while Alvin was recovering from torn ligament knee surgery would he pull muscles in neck and have yeast infection in his ears. Of course, this never ending saga does not end here. Yesterday we were almost home from our walk when we saw friends coming toward us. Alvin was happy to see Jack and I was happy to see his Mom. Jack is a little guy. The boys said a brief hello followed by Alvin rolling in a neighbour’s grass. We ended up coming to my house as Jack had to poop. To my house and out to the backyard. Jack didn’t poop. We chatted for a minute and his Mom said they should go as Jack had gas. Never know where that may go. Alvin had jumped onto the grass and I helped him onto the deck. In the house, I offered my friend one of the cookies I had baked the night before, she loved it so I asked if she would like to take some home and she said yes. While I was packing up some cookies she said Alvin is limping asking which leg was his surgery? Well, of course it was on the opposite one. Not his leg but his paw. He cried when I touched it. Very gingerly, I felt to see if any thorns or anything sharp wedged in his paw, nothing. Our friends had to go but my daughter was coming. She stopped in briefly on way to Dentist before our walk and would be coming shortly

We just waited for her to arrive and I massaged his paw. When Amanda arrived he was clearly still in pain. After a visit with our girl and some TLC for Alvin she had to go home as she now has about 45 minute drive to her new home. We had a quiet evening. He managed to rest for awhile giving me an opportunity to do dishes and some small chores.

Our sleep was the most broken since his surgery. He is not limping this morning. I did find a small black piece of something hard on the floor after stepping on it. Was that the culprit? No idea.

Well time to go to work.

I hope life is treating you well and that you are getting some sleep. My poor boy – never would have thought he would be jn this situation.

Have a great day.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude and laughter.

Always, Carol&Alvin

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