Thought for the day…..

Alvin and I have a regular morning routine up until the past couple of days.

I am not certain just how it changed but it has.

This morning after Alvin had his breakfast and as I was sitting down to do my morning writing at the kitchen table ….

Mr. Alvin stood on the floor by me and barked.  If I got up he ran away.  I knew exactly what he wanted but he didn’t know quite how to ask.

So after a bit of back and forth.  We figured it out.

I said “want up” and he jumped up putting his front paws on my lap.

So I reached down and picked him up.

Now anyone who knows Alvin or has seen him …. knows that he is really not a lap dog.

But Alvin wanted up and that’s what he got.  (no, he is not spoiled).  LOL

He was breathing hard as he was nervous …. funny as he was the one that had wanted up.

I guess he figured he was missing out on something.  What, I am not sure.

At one point I had to switch and write with my right hand as he was resting his head on my left arm.

But I decided it was more important to cuddle and just have some totally quiet moments …

So the pen went down and we just sat there …. Alvin resting his head on the crook of my left arm … and his Momma beaming from ear to ear.

I love my Alvin.  We are a good pair.

So we have a new morning ritual.

I love it.  I felt so calm and relaxed.  Good, actually great way to start the day.

I highly recommend it.  Whether it be your dog, cat or your child…or just you.

Just sit and breathe.

Gotta go.

Special Hello: TO REGINA ….. I miss you guys.  Hope you are having a great October.

Always, Carol

Alvin …..

Just had to share a something cute.  Alvin always follows me around the house.  I have been back and forth to the office all day and just a few minutes ago decided to open the window.  I have an ottoman sitting beneath the window so that Alvin can lay down on something “soft” when he is with me.  The other day he jumped up on his hind legs and with front paws on the window ledge he looked out the window.  It was so cute and of course, I did not have my camera with me at the time.  This time when he jumped up … I jumped up and ran downstairs to get my camera.  Of course, he got down.  After some gentle coaxing he got up to the window once again and I was able to capture it on video and a couple of photos.  So here is one of the photos.  Will make you smile.  He loves to look out the window ….. especially if company is coming….

Lookin' Out the Window.....

Just have to tell you …..

Quick story.  Last night during our week long wind storm, Mr. Alvin had to take a trip outside.  I opened the back door.  He started walking on the deck.  All of a sudden we heard this noise (kind of scary, groaning sound) Alvin turned his head, and looked up. While I was stepping outside to check things out …. AL high tailed it back into the house.  So what did he see?  Well a large section of siding had come loose on my neighbour’s side of our duplex.  The siding is loose on the second story.  It is still attached by the window but each time the wind blows it looks like it will be ripped off and take flight.  Each time Alvin goes outside he looks up to see what is going on.  Isn’t that cute?

Thanks to my “guard” dog.  He is cautious as he looks up each time he/we go outside.  Better to caution on the safe side…..

Always, Carol

Thought for the day…..

This afternoon my friend Lea accompanied me on a walk with Alvin.

It is mushy, slushy, icy and wet out there.

But we all need the exercise, so we braved the elements.

Lea wanted to take the reins so to speak (Alvin’s leash) and so she did.

It was so cute, they would get a bit ahead of me and then Alvin would stop, turn around and make sure that I was there.

He did that on the whole walk.  Guess there is a guy who wants “me” around.  LOL.

We had a great visit.  I sure am going to miss her.  They leave for Quebec on Sunday.  I am going to miss the whole family.

So the thought for the day is this …… always spend time with those you love ….. because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

A month or so ago, I never would have  dreamt that the Enchill family would be moving away.

So remember, take the time when you can and spend it with family and friends.

I am so happy, deep down in my heart that I had another opportunity to spend some time with my friend Lea.

After the walk she came in for a little while.  We were planning some crafts for Friday afternoon.

Friday I am babysitting a couple of little ones, and then the Enchill children will join us for crafts.

Party time ……

Before Lea left, she had to try the treadmill.  She did very well.

All I can say is this ….. Quebec will be so blessed to have this wonderful young lady join their population and Alberta, well, we will be missing her.

OMG, the sun just came out….. YAY……  Big smile….

So remember ….. VISIT …. PLAY …… SMILE …… LAUGH …… ENJOY LIFE …… cause you never know when things will change.

Change is good but just different.

Someone is barking and wanting my attention as he plunked down on his tummy …. nope he is up ….. I know it is suppertime.

Gotta go.

Always, Carol

Thought for the day……

Remember those times when “Sesame Street” or “Dora the Explorer” or perhaps “Max & Ruby” occupied your children for a short time while you started lunch or baked a cake.  Mm, that makes me hungry…  LOL

Well I never thought that I would say this, or that it would happen to me when I was over 50,  but it has.  You see I have this puppy dog named Alvin.  He likes to have my attention.  In fact, when I am on the computer he jumps up and gives me the old paw ….. or sometimes he just sits there and barks.  Back to the reason why I am writing this, … my daughter & son-in-law gave Alvin this purple “thingy”  for Christmas.  It comes in two pieces and screws together.  It is hard rubber.  When it is apart you can place peanut butter inside and then screw it back together.  The dog licks the peanut butter to his heart’s content.  I must admit that I have used this gadget when I needed a break from my “boy”.

Both Mama and “boy” are happy….. Alvin is still licking at the purple thingy even though the peanut butter is long gone.

So the thought for the day …… can you guess what it is?  Mm, let’s see!

Thought for the day ……. sometimes “Mama” just needs a BREAK….. LOL.

Always, Carol

Ah, Mama's boy.......isn't he cute!!!


Alvin, Elton and Miss Penny

Today is rather an extra special day for me and Alvin.

Elton and Penny have come to visit and spend the night.

Alvin at Home

Note:  I am going to upload/download photos and video that I just snapped this morning and add to this post a bit later.

Just realized that I do not have recent photos of  Elton and Penny (other than at Christmas).

Penny & Elton looking at their Mom (she just came for them)

Due to “weather conditions” this morning, I walked over to bring the puppies here as their parents had to catch the bus to work.

Alvin was so excited when we got back home.  Once Penny had her pretty pink sweater off, Elton has his smart blue jacket and the joint leash off ……. Penny & Alvin were gone.

They raced from one end of the house to the other.  Floor matts and rugs went flying in the wake of these two puppies.

While Alvin and Penny were racing around – Elton was just happy to take a load off, and lay down on the sofa.

I pulled Alvin’s (stuffed toy) Wally Gator out of his toy & bone box and grabbed the camera.

Quickly changing the setting to take a video of these two as they tugged Wally Gator this way, and that way.  I think at times Penny just wanted to be left alone, as she laid down under the kitchen table.

But then Alvin would have her up and they would run from the back door to the front door.  The two of them together always brings a smile to my face, and joy to my heart.  They are so funny.

Well at this moment it is very quiet – so it makes me think that perhaps I should go and check on my doggies.  Elton, I trust but the other two.  You never know.  Penny teaches Alvin things, and

Alvin teaches Penny some things.  All of which, they should keep to themselves.  LOL.

Surprise, the two youngsters are back in the hallway.  Penny was / is laying down, and Alvin is trying to get her to play.  He loves to nibble at her ears.

Whoops Alvin just had an “urge” if you know what I mean ….. poor little Penny.  She is panting like she just ran The New York Marathon.

Well, as you can tell we are having fun.  Puppies/dogs/pets are just like children.  These guys are like siblings.  They play good for awhile, and then it is obvious that they “get on each other’s nerves” but in the meantime,

I am having the time of my life.  Penny is hiding under the computer desk by my feet and Alvin is lying on his belly at the door way / okay he was lying on his belly in the doorway. LOL

I am most grateful to have them all in my life.  I am grateful that I live nearby, and can see them whenever I like.  I am grateful for the laughter and love that they bring to me.

Sir Elton

Thank you Alvin, Penny and Elton.

Miss Penny

Have the best weekend everyone…..

Always, Carol

Happy Birthday Alvin

Baby Alvin

Today marks the one year “birthday” of Alvin joining our family.  The above photo is from the night we first met.  I remember that night clearly.  Earlier in the day,  I received the phone call to go and meet him.  So after supper, Amanda, Steven, me, Elton and Penny all drove down to where Alvin was staying.  The home of his foster parents.  It was a cold night.  Little did I know that my life was about to change forever.    When we arrived we were greeted by this little black and white cocker-spaniel puppy.  He was nervous but excited to meet us.  There was an instant connection between all of us.  My daughter and son-in-law loved him immediately.  Their dogs Elton and Penny were curious, but excited as well.  After a formal introduction and some conversation it was final.  I was a dog owner.

One year later, it is like we have always been together.  I cannot imagine my life without him (nor do I want  to).   As someone famous said on television this morning, he is the Gayle to my Oprah.  I think that is possibly one of the best lines ever.

When I begin each day, I always have a plan in mind.  A mental “to do list” if you will.  Or at least most days.  Somedays, I actually get through most of the items on the list and others, well,  I just skid by the seat of my pants.  LOL.  Today has been one of the latter.  I am okay with that ….. life is like that.  I learned a billion years ago to loosen up.  Too much structure is just too much structure.

So today, let’s see what have I done thus far:  got up, wrote my morning pages (kind of like journalling), shared an apple with Alvin, checked email and FB, had a shower, had some oatmeal (from scratch), emptied dishwasher, watched Regis & Kelly while having my morning cups of coffee, made first attempt to help my neighbour get her car out (she had got stuck out front), walked Alvin, had lunch, more coffee and watched some of The Talk (love this show).  When another friend’s husband  got home we pushed the car out of the snow.  There is a very low drain out front, and with all the snow it was hard to see.  But thanks to another (guy) neighbour we managed to get the car out.  It is parked in my garage so that is good.  There is too much snow out front for cars to park.  It only took two guys and three women to “unstick” the car.

After that was done.  We (my neighbour to whom the car belongs) shovelled the driveway to the garage.  I guess that is what you call it.  Anyway, I felt sorry for Mr. Alvin and figured that I would let him come out with us.  As we shovelled he would run to the back lane.  I called him back to the garage (only a few feet away), and he would come back.  This went on for about three times.  Then I decided that I had better grab him, and put him into the back yard.  Alvin had another plan.  He made a run for it.  Now as he has done before ….. his idea of making a run for it …. is to run into my neighbour’s back yard.  So off he went.  It was funny to watch.  There are times when I wished that I always kept my camera in my coat pocket.  The snow going into to her backyard is quite deep, and he just ran.  Bobbing up and down …. reminded me of a rabbit.  He ran straight to the back door of her house.  He could see her Mom through the window.  Once he made it through the snow,  and up onto the back deck, I could see his little tail wagging away.  So cute.  My neighbour Sherie and I just laughed.  I called him and he came back to me.  I could tell that he was so pleased with himself.  Happy to have had that taste of freedom.  Not on a leash.  Just on his own.  I figured that was a good birthday present for him.  I am going to the Bone & Biscuit store in a little bit and will pick him up some treats.  Perhaps a bone or two ……

“Too Cuteness” …..

One can never have too much “cuteness” …… Alvin with my friend and neighbour’s daughter Mahee-Lee.

Alvin at Christmas time.

Happy Birthday My Friend ….. I want to wish you many Happy Healthy Years.

We love you, Alvin.  I can honestly speak for everyone that knows him ……. he has a zillion friends and everyone LOVES him.

Isn’t that a great accomplishment for only being about one year ……..

P.S. I am so blessed and my life is RICH.  Thank you Alvin….

My Little Friend “Alvin”


You came into my life almost a year ago ..

You were small, needy and unwell..

You made me feel anxious and sad,

Helpless and mad.


But then one day … the veil lifted.

I fell in love with YOU.


Loving your dog is unlike the love you have for a child, friend or sibling.

It is unconditional.

No strings attached.

No arguments or compliments

The view is one-sided

Or perhaps it is not.

But the feelings are felt.

It is true and inspiring.


You have taught me patience.

To be more loving.


You came into my life late one night.

Almost one year ago.

An idea not conceived thoroughly

But yet ….. it was …

You are where you are supposed to be.

Lucky ME.

I am blessed to have you in my life.

We are joined at the hip (sometimes at the foot) LOL.

But nonetheless we are joined.

I love you Alvin.

You bring me great joy.

Continual amazement.

I know that you understand me.

Each word ….. even when you tilt you head to the side.

I know you know….

Thank you so much…..



Always, Your “Mom”



This KISS, this KISS (please stop, Mom you are embarrassing me!!)

Alvin and the Snow !!

In case you were not aware …. over the past couple of days the City of Edmonton has received a TON of snow.  Yes, that white stuff is covering everything …. up, down and all around.  I have been shovelling like mad.   Alvin, my dog came outside with me while I was shovelling in the back yard.  I have a deck that goes from the house to the garage.   There isn’t much room left in the yard to actually put the white stuff.  In the beginning, I was throwing it off the deck ….. I can no longer do that …..anyway back to Alvin.  He was sniffing about as he likes to do.  He follows me wherever I go …. if I am in the living room, he’s in the living room.  So when I am outside he wants to be outside.   Alvin had been outside for several minutes, and it is kind of cold when I noticed that he was lifting up his paws (as if they were freezing) …. so I ran over to him and called him to go into the house.  I went in and wiped off his paws with a soft towel ….. poor little guy.  When I went back outside to finish the “snow removal” …. he was watching me from the back door (window).  Once he warmed up up, of course he was back outside…

Earlier in the day, about noon,  we went for a walk.  I get all of these flyers, so I usually take them to a new friend who does not  receive them.  She lives a few blocks away.  I had cleaned off our front walk earlier  but most of the way Alvin was jumping, like a bunny  through the snow.  LOL.  Unfortunately his Momma was holding onto the leash for dear life …… I got a workout, that is for sure.  He was cold by the time we got home as he would stop and look up at me …. I think that he wanted me to carry him.  I would have picked him up but he has definitely put on a bit of weight  (was 22) over the past couple of months, and I wasn’t sure that I could carry him too far.  But if it had been any colder outside I would have picked him up to warm him.  I am a good Momma (not pack leader).  Oh, Alvin also wears a jacket so at least his body stays a bit warm.

Just a little while ago it was time for a bath ….. oh, I also found this gadget called a FURMINATOR (superman kind of brush for animals that have lots of extra hair/fur).  So I brushed him downstairs before going to the bath and got a good handful of hair.  He really did stand there pretty good for me.

So now Alvin has had a bit of exercise, brushed and combed, bathed and clean …… (he is napping now).

He is tuckered out…..  Momma has to go now and finish making some Christmas presents (jewelry), and then get the crafts all in order for the little kids Christmas party here on Saturday and if time allows WRAP presents.

Well it is almost 3:00 p.m. …… yikes.

Alvin says Merry Christmas…..

Always, Carol

Alvin and the Red Leash

I have learned so many things about dogs since I adopted Alvin back in January of this year.  Alvin and I started our daily walks back in February.  Initially, I had to wait to take him out into the neighbourhood.  He was on medication, and did not have his shots, and was not neutered.  So once he had his shots and stuff we were able to get out of the house.   Most of our walks consisted of Alvin pulling me along to where he wanted to go.  He loves to sniff everything that he sees.  I am pretty patient for the most part so I let him lead the way.  The leash that I was using would extend when he pulled on it (unless I had it in the lock position).  When he got ahead of me, Alvin would sometimes get something off the ground and eat it.  Yuck.  I mean, really.  LOL.

One night last week my daughter and son-in-law and “puppies” came over for supper.  After supper, (as it was a beautiful evening) I decided that Alvin and I would walk them home as we had not been out that day.  (Most days we go for two walks).  As we were walking along my son-in-law noted that our walk would be much more enjoyable if “I did the leading” and for that I would require a different kind of leash.  Steven said “we have an extra one that you can borrow.”  I also received a lesson in dog walking (which I desperately needed).  Yes, you might wonder why I would have waited this long to do this ….. well as with anything …. time goes by and you just sometimes keep doing what you are doing until  one day the LIGHT BULB comes on, and that’s when you make changes.  I was pleasantly surprised when Steven was walking him how well he responded.  Note:  Steven has taken him for walks before and he, Alvin listened to him.  Must be the “male” thing.  LOL.

When we got to their house, Steven grabbed the new leash for Alvin.  Guess what it was RED.  I think red is a great colour.  Powerful and strong.  I felt powerful and strong.  Maybe now I could become the LEADER OF THE PACK, vroom vroom…… (remember that song from like the late 60’s – early 70’s).  I thanked my kids for the new leash and we were on our way.  Alvin did so well.  Our walk home was much more enjoyable.  Actually felt like we got a work out.

So that is my story about Alvin and the “red leash”.

Always, Carol

P.S.  our walks since that night have been great.  I am leading the way and he is walking right beside me or a bit behind.  It was a great lesson for me to learn.  I am most grateful to Steven and Amanda for all of their help with Alvin.  They are the best daughter and son-in-law that a Mom could ever ask for …….  🙂

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