Alvin’s first snowfall with me …..

This story of Alvin and the snow …. well it begins late late last night……

Me and Alvin do not sleep through the night.  My excuse is my bladder is over half a century old, and well his excuse, I really don’t know.  Because dogs cannot talk.  Oh, somedays I really wished that he could speak, I mean really talk.  Hold a conversation.   So one of us or sometimes both of us gets up during the wee hours of the morning or really late at night.   Sure wished that he could be trained to use the toilet. Wouldn’t that be great ….. on a cold snowy winter morning.  Anyway, he woke up at 2:00 a.m. and it was raining at that time.  When we got up at 6:00 there was SNOW covering the deck and the grass, it was everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.

I was kind of hoping that it would hold off until say Christmas Eve!   But I guess Mother Nature just could not wait.  I am hoping that she was just playing an early “cruel” Halloween trick on us, and that the sun will shine, and melt this white wet blanket. We can only HOPE and WISH.

The first time we went out Alvin was pretty quick about doing his “business” (I think that is such a funny way of saying, they peed or pooped, I mean honestly).  LOL    About mid morning he had to go outside so being the good Mom that I am, I grabbed my digital camera, and out we went.  He walked around a bit and then kind of went a bit “snow crazy”.  He ran, then he slipped on the deck (kerplunk), and off he went again.  Then he would do his bunny hop jump off the deck and tear back and forth across the grass.  At one point he jumped up into the flower/shrub bed (which by the way, he loves it up there).  He continued to do this for several minutes.  At the end of it all, guess what my “baby” did …… pooped in the snow on the deck.  I am not sure what he was thinking.  But Mama was not very pleased with the boy.  Thank goodness that it was in the snow.  Ooh.  I did manage to take some video of his romp around the backyard/deck so hopefully it turned out okay.  He was very fast and I could barely keep up with him.

The snow is very wet and heavy.  I shovelled the deck off and now have a nice little mound of snow on the grass area.  Hopefully Alvin won’t make the same mistake twice.  LOL.

Well that is my Alvin story for today.  I love the way he hops off the deck, honestly he looks like a black and white bunny rabbit.

Have a great day.

Always, Carol

P.S. Sir Alvin is resting comfortably on my comfy computer chair as I type this story on a backless stool.  I guess we all know who is the “leader of this pack” ….

Bedtime …..

Yesterday in the City of Edmonton, and for sure in my neighbourhood the air was warm and the sun was shining.  It felt like an early August summer day.  A few weeks ago, I decided to put the cover on the air conditioning unit outside, and not use the air conditioner anymore this year.  After all, it is almost the end of September.  So needless to say it got warm in the house.  I opened the windows upstairs and down.  I was watching the beginning of a new television show called “THE EVENT” when Alvin decided it was time for bed.  He went upstairs but I coaxed him back down.  He laid down on his tummy at the foot of the stairs as if to say “time for bed” ….. so the good Mother that I am (okay, he is spoiled), I turned off the television set and we did our usual bedtime routine.  First take Alvin outside to go pee, then brush his teeth and finally brush his hair.  Then upstairs we went.  For the first time in awhile, I didn’t bother going onto the computer – decided to just go to bed.  I wanted to spend more time reading, and was a bit more tired than usual.   Alvin, was confused I guess as he laid down in the hallway.  After a few minutes of coaxing he came into the bedroom, and I quickly shut the door.  The bedroom window was open as were the blinds.  So I closed the blinds on the one window that does not open, and on the open window left them slightly open (about maybe four inches).  So after I did my nightly routine, I crawled into bed.  Alvin was lying on his blanket …. on his tummy facing the open window.  I was pleased to see this as I knew he would be a little on the warm side.  Was reading away when we heard some voices outside.  Well, Alvin jumped up and off the bed.  He made this weird  bark, there is no real way of describing it other than to say it was both a deep and high pitched sound.  He was up to the window and scrunched down to see out of the window.  I wanted to laugh but figured it was not appropriate.  Up, I sprang from my comfortable position and closed the window and the blinds.  As I was going back to bed, I said to Alvin, “time for bed”.  He jumped up and laid down.  Honestly, he is so funny.  Just goes to show that for the most part he is definitely a creature of habit.  But I loved watching him look out the window.  He is so used to having the blinds wide open.  That is my Alvin story for today.  As I write this – he is curled up on my comfy leather computer chair while his Momma is sitting with her legs crossed on a stool from IKEA.  Now the stool is pretty comfortable for a bare bones kind of seat.  ….. LOL ..

It is all good, as I so often say.  Remember to spay and neuter your pets.  I heard on a television show yesterday that in the U.S. they put down 45 million pets annually.  I sure hope that I heard those numbers, incorrectly.  Please look after the little guys and girls that you have ……

Have a great day.

Always, Carol

Alvin slept thru the night !!!

Just when I was almost getting used to getting up at 2:30 or 3:30 in the morning, the PUPPY surprised his Momma this morning and awoke at 6:40 a.m.  YAY.

Isn’t life grand.  Guess cause it was a Monday morning?  Not sure his reasons but I am most happy.  Up until last night or early this morning, Alvin has been waking up and wanting to go outside anywhere from 2:30 – 4:00 in the morning.  I have been getting up and taking him outside.  My reason is:  if the puppy wants to go outside, which he does, I am certain he has a good reason, which he did.

I did lay my foot down and did not “cave” and feed him breakfast when it was that early.  Instead we retreated to the sofa which is what we have been doing for months.  Alvin’s usual time of waking up is between 4:30 – 6:00.  But after over thirty years of having to arise early for work, which years ago included getting Amanda ready for the day …… I really like to sleep in a bit.  After all, I thought 8:00 was a good time to get up.  Oh my Alvin, keeps me on my toes.  Lately he is off schedule. Perhaps he is figuring we should mix things up a bit.  I cannot blame him for that….. after all his Momma is a writer and jewelry maker & designer so I am mixing things up all the time.

I love my Alvin.  As soon as I get ready and pop a load of laundry in the washer we are off on a walk.  We try and go every morning and every night.  We miss the odd one but are pretty faithful.  Good for our minds, bodies and souls.  Today we are going to pick up my grand-puppies, Elton and Miss Penny.  They will be spending the day with us.  So it will be fun and busy.

Have a great day !!

Always, Carol

ALVIN, that puppy !!!

I guess it has been awhile since I last shared a story about my little (okay not so little, any longer) puppy named, ALVIN.  He definitely feels at home here with me.  Lately, I have been spending extra time on the computer in an effort to get our (Amanda and mine) bracelets set up to sell on Facebook.  The first few times, he would lie in the hallway outside the office.  He would be good for awhile and then grow weary or perhaps just bored and get restless.  At that point he would walk about the office.   Sometimes stopping to chew on one of my photo boxes.  YIKES.  Mama was not so happy about that, let me tell you.  Then he would whimper, do the biting thing (pulling on my socks, pants, feet or all) until he got me to turn off the computer and go downstairs.  Most times he was happy to snuggle on the sofa with me.  Not so good for getting things done.

Sometimes I would succeed in getting him to lay down or play with one of his toys.  A few days ago, I realized that he only wanted to get up and see what I was doing.  Maybe it was his way of being part of the “family business”.  LOL  Alvin, is a bit too big to be lap dog so in my effort to get work done I simply picked him up, and placed him on the computer chair.  Rolling it off to one side so that I could slide a stool in front of the computer.   Well, that is just what he wanted.  He curled up, and was quite content.  He didn’t fuss or anything.  Just laid there for quite awhile.  Meanwhile, Mom is sitting on a hard stool with no back.  Really what is wrong with this picture.  LOL.  Sometimes we just do things in the moment not thinking about down the road.  A quick fix.  Well, I quick fixed this all right now every time or almost anyway, he whines until I put him up.  So he rests comfortably while my back aches a bit from spending hours on the computer.

Perhaps he knew what he was doing all along !!    🙂    Anyway, I have created quite the monster.  My ALVIN, gotta love him.  He is so darn cute that

I cannot help myself.  Well having company for supper and I haven’t quite decided what to make.  It is 4:10 p.m. and they will be here at 6:00.  No pressure.  LOL.

I hope that you enjoyed my little story about my dog Alvin.  Really he has a personality ….. very much like Alvin of The Chipmunks fame.

Have a great day.

Always, Carol

P.S. now it is 4:25 p.m.  yikes …… gotta go.

Oh, that doggie of mine !!!

Our usual morning routine can begin anywhere between 4:45 and 6:30 a.m.

Just depends on when Mr. Alvin wants to get up and then of course, I follow.

I grab my bunny hug from the back of my bedroom door, and my glass of water from my bedside table,

oh, and quickly don a pair of socks (depending on his mood, he might try, and eat them as I am putting them on).

Make a quick “bathroom” stop before going downstairs.

Oh, don’t feel too sorry for me (with the early hour). (will explain further)

I take him out for his morning bathroom break.

Back into the house, and he has breakfast.

While he is eating (usually takes him several seconds, yes seconds) ….

I move the pillows around on the sofa and spread out the “red” blanket.

Then I get under it and when he is done eating ….. he comes into the living room

and hops up onto the sofa…… he likes to snuggle (at this point).

Sometimes after a few minutes he will get up and go to the green chair.

Then perhaps a bit later he will get up and move to the brown chair, which is the case this morning.

Most mornings, well actually all mornings until today, he lies in one of the two  chairs,  until I get my butt off the sofa.

Usually no later than 8:00 a.m.  (face it I am retired, I have earned the right to sleep in, right??)

So this morning, just a few minutes before 8:00 a.m. – he jumps off the brown chair and up onto the sofa.

Not sure what was going through his mind but he started licking my face.

Well, it tickled to say the least.  I started to laugh.  Within a few seconds, I was up.

As I was folding the blanket and before I could adjust the pillows – the little “bugger” and I use that word with LOVE,

HE LAYS DOWN ON THE PILLOWS (on the ones that I just got up from).

So I went into the kitchen pulled my notebook out of one of the drawers and started to write my “morning pages”.

This is something that I have done for several years.  It was part of a writing course that I took ….. it is a great practice.

Oh, I wished that I could remember the name of the book.  LOL.

Anyway, back to the “boy” er I mean, the dog.  He stayed on the pillows until he heard the fridge door open for the second

time which is the queue  that I am about to eat …… (first time I get water & lemon, second the blueberries to have with oatmeal).

It is so funny how routine oriented dogs are …… sure wished that he would sleep until about 7:00 though.

Perhaps someday I will just stay up ……. well sometimes I do.

Oh, there was just a knock at the door.  Little guy from two doors down.  His name is Kahlia, and he wanted to see if I was done supper.

He is/was bored and I am the friend that he calls upon when his other little friends are busy.  Plus he loves Alvin.

But supper (chili) is simmering – so not good time.  I was to mention that he had been by earlier with Lea from five doors down.

We live in duplexes……. so they live close by.

I hope that you enjoy the stories about Alvin.  He is quite the character.

Until later.

Always, Carol

Mowing & Raking the grass with Alvin !!

Doesn’t everyone mow and rake their lawn while holding their puppy on their leash??  Okay, so perhaps not.  I was out mowing the lawns and Alvin was sitting on the floor resting his head on the window sill of the living room window.  He looked so forlorn.  I knew that he really wanted to be out there with me but I thought it would be too much work.  So I carried on.  Finally it got to me, I was done most of the mowing and just doing the raking so figured I could handle a dog on a leash and the rake.  After all, I have two arms & two hands right !  So I went into the house and called him, he was pretty much at the door when he heard the key in the lock.  As of the last I do not know how long, Sir Alvin has decided that when it is time to go for a walk that he will just go and hide under the kitchen table.  Why, you might ask?  Because he doesn’t want to put on his harness.  It makes a loud clicking noise.  He is a bit nervous about it and I do not why exactly why.  So anyway, I decided to just grab the leash and harness and called him to come out onto the step (which he did, easily) and there I put on his harness & leash.

With the rake in one hand and Alvin on the leash in the other, I proceeded to rake the lawn.  It really wasn’t easy as he wanted to go see if Aussie the cat (next door), was sitting in the window.   She wasn’t there.  It was fun for awhile until he decided to start chewing on his leash.  At that point, I decided “it was time” for Alvin to go back into the house.  He had a bit of a break and helped his Mom with the raking and mowing.  By the way, have you ever tried to mow the grass while holding a puppy on a leash.  It gives a whole new meaning to “mowing the grass” ….  LOL.

The lawns look great and we both had some fresh air and exercise.

Happy Day ……..

We saw her again …….

A couple of nights ago when Alvin and I were out for our walk, guess who we bumped into?

Miss Roxy and her Mom, Carling and some other friends.

Well Alvin was happy, happy, happy.

So nice to see him in LOVE.

I am certain that is what he is feeling.

It makes me feel good to see him so happy.

He was prancing around her feeling so manly, I could tell.

So cute to watch.

Alvin’s in love and it is a good thing.

So happy that we saw her again ………

Alvin’s in Love ……..

A couple of evenings ago, we (me and  Alvin) were out for our usual walk around the lake.  We were near the bend by the bench (and garbage can), and I was trying to get Alvin to have a drink of water but he would have no part of it.  So I looked up to see this pretty blond woman, and her cute little doggie coming toward us.  At that point, I figured that Al probably wasn’t interested in having a drink of water (I was right).  Both dogs started running toward each other.  It was just like in a movie.  Alvin’s hind end was wiggling so fast that I thought for sure it would “shake right off.”   We, Moms started giggling as it was so apparent that these dogs really liked each other.  The young woman’s name was Carling (yes, like the brewery Carling O’Keefe) and the little dog, a female named “Roxy”…… well no wonder Alvin was excited.  Both puppies and full of energy.  They sniffed each other and played and played and played.  Carling and I chatted and could not get over how much these two little dogs liked each other.  I was so relieved after the visit from a neighbouring St. Bernard (got away from his master).  Alvin was trying to protect me and was so scared.  I think that the St. Bernard just wanted to check out our garage sale, and introduce himself.  Actually, I was a bit shaken as well.  He was a big boy, well at least I thought he was a boy.  A man!!

Back to Roxy and Alvin.  After several minutes of watching the puppies playing we decided it was time to go.  As it turned out – we were both headed in the same direction.  Carling said that “Roxy” was flirting with Alvin, OMG so cute.  She would push her “back end” out  and then Alvin would just be in his glory.  I guess in hindsight (LOL) – good thing that he can no longer make “puppies” ……

When we got home – Alvin didn’t want to go into the house – he stood on the step and watched Roxy, his first love …… walk away.  I think that we will see them again (they live close by).

Anyway, it made my heart warm to see my Alvin so happy.  I truly am blessed.  He is the best little dog.  I love you Alvin.

Truly it is those times – on just a routine walk – on a beautiful evening – something so glorious happened.  L-O-V-E.

You just never know……

Always, Carol

Thought for the day……

I had the best day today.

Most of the day, I spent in my garage with my dog Alvin.

What was I doing in said garage with my dog?

Well, I was having yet another GARAGE SALE.

We just had so many things (multi-family sale) that I just had to sell the remaining items.

So there we sat but fun we had …..

Some of the neighbourhood children dropped by …… some spent some of their “hard earned cash” while others were excited when I “happily” gave some items away for FREE.

Free is a word that every age loves to hear…….

So during the rain, the damp and cold of the day and the bright sun that shone for a bit …. I met some very cool “kids”.

I am so blessed as I live in one of the most “multi-culturistic” (if that is indeed a word, well spell check didn’t line it in red, so I must be good, LOL ) neighbourhoods on the planet.

Where can you go that you hear these languages in the course of a few short hours (okay perhaps the United Nations) ….  English, Farsi, Russian, French, and languages native to Philippines, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Israel.

Very cool.

So my thought for the day is …….. if you do not live in my neighbourhood ….. THEN YOU MUST MOVE HERE …… just kidding (but we would love to have you…… ).


I would say that I am extremely blessed and fortunate.  I am very grateful to have had these experiences.

Also I have a story about Alvin and a St. Bernard that I will share later in “Alvin’s Stories” ….

Take Care.


Always, Carol

Alvin, the story continues …. Chapter 2

Day “2” – Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Second day of being a dog owner.  I knew it was going to be work but not quite this much.  The experience is much the same as having a child.  They eat, poop, sleep and bite your feet for the halibut (okay perhaps that last one isn’t quite comparable).  We are basically on his schedule.  I eat, poop, sleep and curl my toes under so that he cannot get at them.  He has SHARP teeth !!   What a life.

Day “3” – Friday, January 22nd, 2010 –  7:12 a.m.

Well, we are up 20 minutes earlier than yesterday.  At this time he is playing so I thought that I would take advantage, and do some writing.  Last night Amanda, Steven, Elton & Penny came for supper.  The puppies all played quite well.  The kids gave Alvin a toothbrush (subtle guys)  LOL.  When we were growing up our dogs did not have their own toothbrushes.  In fact, most of the time they did not even come into the house.  Now they get the best dental and veterinary care.  I do draw the line at “flossing”.

I will say that Alvin is a good “pooper”.  OMG, I never thought that I would say that.  He usually lets me know when he has to go outside.  As it is winter time, I have shovelled some of the snow away around the deck so that he doesn’t have to climb through the snow banks.  He sure is a cute little guy.

Played fetch – definitely working on his playing techniques.

Oh, have to cook fish for “O” today.  He likes his fish.

Day “4” –  Saturday,  January 23rd, 2010 – 7:35 a.m.

We were up at 7:00 a.m. this morning.  Pretty good.  Last night started out Alvin wanting to sleep with me but ended up on the floor.  Probably a good thing as I do not want him to roll off the bed during the night.  WOW, doesn’t this sound crazy.  Likely the first “guy” in the history of the Earth to be relinquished to the floor….. LOL

It is so sweet when I am out shovelling the walks and Alvin is watching me through the window.  He still has separation anxiety.  Funny, even when he can see me.

Day “5” – Sunday, January 24th, 2010 – 7:45 a.m.

Yesterday was fun.  Alvin was in a “nippy biting” kind of mood.  When he wants to play he nips at my pants, slippers or whatever he can get to.  Perhaps I am giving him the wrong signals.  Like for instance, just a few minutes ago I was sitting writing and I told him to get his toys —- then it started, the biting. Lesson learned only mention toys when I am ready to play.  YIKES.  He always has his eyes on me.

Last night I was watching the last twenty minutes of a movie, and he went over to the upstairs steps (10:00 p.m.) and waited.  This was his way of telling me “time for bed”.  He wanted to go up.  So we did.  Guess who is the “pack leader” – – er, I guess not ME !!!

So cute – before bed, he hid his bone by the night table.

Day “6” – Monday, January 25th , 2010 –  7:40 a.m.

Another good sleep.  I am so grateful.  Alvin is eating the  new “wet food” and really seems to like it.  Have to figure out our “play” time.  According to the dog whisperer they should have exercise (walk) every day.  As Alvin has not been neutered or has had his shots yet, I want to keep him in the house and back yard.  Will check with the Vet on Thursday.  His check-up.

Day “7” – Tuesday, January 26th, 2010 –  7:39 a.m.

Another good sleep, thank goodness.  I must say that it is nice to be getting up early.  Alvin has his night and early morning routines down pat.  Sure lots of snow.  One of the neighbours got stuck last night so I helped push him out.

The kids are coming over tonight.  Time to start planning Amanda’s 30th Birthday party.  Hard to believe that she is almost thirty.  Where has the time gone?

Day “8” Wednesday, January 27th , 2010  7:47 a.m.

Yay, another beautiful morning.  Up at 7:30.  Alvin peed, then ate and then pooped.  How strange to be recording the bathroom habits of a dog – my dog no less.  He is playing by himself for the moment.  Alvin sure loves his toys. The street outside  is busy with school buses.  We have a great many children in this neighbourhood.

Day “9” – Thursday, January 28th, 2010 – 6:55 a.m.

Good Morning.  Trying to be a better “pack leader” …. not working out so far.  I just cave and cannot follow through.  I know, consistency….. and follow through.  Puppies are just like little kids.  Alvin is eating well.  Very rambunctious this morning.  Played tug-of-war and fetch for about 15 minutes. Today is Vet day.  I am hopeful that he will receive a good check-up.  With luck, I hope that his infections are healed, and that he is on the road to being completely healthy.  Also would be great if they would give him his vaccination and microchip, today.  I have to book the appointment for him to be neutered. Sounds strange.  Maybe he will settle down after the surgery – that is what I have heard anyway.  I do not know as this is the first dog that I have ever owned.  We had dogs on the farm when I was growing up but they did not go to the vet and rarely came into the house.  Today, I am grateful for his pleasant nature.

Day “10” –  Friday,  January 29th, 2010 – 7:41 a.m.

Another beautiful morning here in Edmonton.  I am so grateful for this weather. Alvin is doing great.  We had his first Vet visit yesterday.  Was an interesting adventure, kind of scary.  His ears are okay, and he had blood work taken to check for anaemia, and anything out of the ordinary.  One major concern is that there is irreparable damage done to the main artery in his neck (throat area).  Usually they take blood from there as is less painful and easier but in Alvin’s case, it had to be taken from a smaller vein in his leg.  My poor little guy.  I felt so bad for him.  Thank goodness I was not in the room at the time.  I would have fainted.  It was bad enough listening to him whimper from another room.  At this time he is playing with one of his toys, as I am writing this.  The Doctor said that he would call with the blood work results.  On our way home from his veterinary visit he threw up in the back seat of Amanda’s car but luckily I had him on a blanket.  He did great, all in all.  The Vet said that they would book his surgery for another day and he would be neutered, vaccinated and place the microchip all at the same time.

I am grateful that Alvin put on weight and seems to be adjusting to his new life.

Sometimes I wonder about things – the things that he does.  Like for instance, he just scratched the red floor rug.  What does that mean?  When he just sits and stares at me, what does that mean?  If only I knew his language, so we could stop wasting time.  He loves to bite my slippers and me.  I believe that – that is his way of getting my attention.  We have not been able to go out for walks and I think he has a lot of pent up energy.

Time to sign off for another day.  We are getting on and it will get easier as the days go by.  Hard to believe that it is Day ten.  Where has the time gone.

Day “11” – Saturday, January 30th, 2010 – 6:30 a.m.

This beautiful Saturday morning starts a bit earlier than usual as someone (not me) has to be pee!  Guess Who?  He managed to wait until I made the bed, washed my face, put my hair into a quick pony tail and got dressed.  No time for a shower.  Got him outside just in time.  Now he is patiently waiting to eat. Meanwhile as I write this entry little Alvin is playing with one of his toys and running around the main floor.  Yesterday, I did have some emotional moments but thankfully had Amanda and Sonja (my neighbour) here to offer positive thoughts.  Honestly, I had no idea what it would be like to have a puppy.  I quit smoking only a few months ago and it still plays havoc with my emotional state. But it is getting easier.  I did it on my own.  YAY.  Also not being able to get out of the house has been difficult.  Thank goodness for the girls who have eased my mind and helped with Alvin who by the way as good as he is, can be a handful. Oh, what a life.  But I am grateful everyday despite the odd moment of despair.   When I think of how he must have looked and how he felt when they found him, my heart almost breaks.  But he has a great life now, and is healing and learning.  Really what more can anyone hope for or want.

Day “12” – Sunday, January 31st, 2010 – 7:15 a.m.

Up at 6:43 a.m., another early morning.  Amanda slept over on Friday night which was great.  I needed a break.  Puppies are a handful.  She stayed with the little guy while I ran some errands.  So great to get out of the house.

Yesterday was one of those days when he just would not stop barking or biting.  It was a most difficult day.  Today is a new day and I feel more calm.  Alvin is more quiet today.  YAY.

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